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Not sure what happened here, but these were not edible. I made as directed and baked as directed, but they were totally uncooked when I went to cut them--just a crust on top. Everything was room temp when I started, so it wasn't that they ingredients were too cold. It's not my oven--it's relatively (but not very) new, and works just fine. I popped them back in at 350 for about 10 minutes with the convection fan running this time, let it cool, and same thing--no change at all. It's like warm pudding inside. So I'm not giving it a star rating--I don't think I did anything incorrectly, but since I can't swear that it was nothing at my end I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt. Do definitely watch the cooking, though--even when it appears cooked as directed, it may not be! I'd also give it longer than the instructions state.

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Halcyon Eve November 27, 2008