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These are easy to make and turned out well for me. No problems with crumbling or seperating like the first reviewer had. I made these as directed except that my pan was slightly larger so my shortbread finished cooking a few minutes early and I don't have a double boiler so I just melted the chocolate/butter over low heat in a small saucepan. These met with slightly mixed reviews ranging from just okay to really good (and trying to convince others that they weren't good so there would be more for her). I liked them; more than anything they reminded me of chocolate fudge pop-tarts. Thanks for sharing.

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littleturtle May 28, 2007

This turned out pretty good but not great. Interesting mix of crumbly shortbread and chewy brownie. I used a 13x9 pan. I used the back of a fork to mix the shortbread. When I went to cut it into squares the bottom tended to crumble and the top to seperate from it. I like the brownie part more than the shortbread. It was a fun recipe to try. Made for Zaar Tag.

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Engrossed December 28, 2006
Brownie Shortbread