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Easy to make. A bit rubbery, I will leave out egg next time to see if more pudding like. I used Splenda to reduce calories which worked well. Overall I like this recipee

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dherbol October 30, 2012

Yes! Yes! I have made a microwave cake before but not nearly this good. I veganized it by simply using almond milk for regular, and turbinado sugar for all the sugar. (It is the perfect brown sugar sub.) I added two tablespoons of oil, just 'cause. I also poured 2/3 cup almond milk over the topping before adding the water. The first time I made it It did not have enough sauce for me. But one way or the other it was so good. Not just a quick fix for a chocolate craving. It was good CAKE!

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Burny July 26, 2011

Absolutely wonderful! I am not a fan of nuts so I added chocolate chips instead. Wow, that was amazing. My husband and I wanted a quick cakey treat and this was just as fast as running out to the store to get something premade. Thanks so much.

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LeanneMarie December 30, 2008

Congrats, Tina Klein , on a delicious and completely idiotproof recipe. I started terribly - I was just about to put the topping on when I tasted the batter, realized it as awful and THEN remembered I hadn't put the sugar in, so I mixed that into the batter instead of the dry ingredients. I used brown instead of white sugar, skim milk and instead of 1 tbsp vanilla ( it ran out ) I used 1 tsp vanilla and 2 tsp strawb, none of which made a difference. I omitted the walnuts and coffee. Out of idle curiosity and contrariness to cookiemaker I sprinkled sugar THEN cocoa. That worked fine. I microwaved it halfway through the 8 minutes WITHOUt the towel - forgot,oops. The towel also dropped into the batter after I'd finished microwaving, I'd recommend using a plate or something instead. I microwaved it for the full 5 minutes, but it was still a bit liquid around the edges. It might have been liquid on top too, but the towel that stuck to the top ripped it off. It also overflowed - when choosing your container expect it to almost triple. I covered it in tinfoiil after the 10 minutes and at ate it the next day with some white chocolate drizzled on top ( 30g, break into small pieces, microwave for 10 minutes. Stir every 2 minutes and add 2 tsp milk halfway through). WOW. It was great !! It was self-saucing,which I liked, and perfectly rich and fluffy. THANK YOU! <3, the NOOBchef.

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NOOBchef January 29, 2008

Oh Thank You soooooooooo much! I had a terrible craving for borwnies but didn't want to heat up the stove, and wait, wait.... Of course, it's not the best ever, but hey, I made it in less than 10 minutes in the microwave!! I also cut the recipe in half, omitted coffe and nuts... and I'm thinking about all kinds of ways to make this not so bad for you. Skim milk, sugar sub. There's no oil or butter anyway. Great quick fix. Thanks!

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MissAli December 14, 2007

I think I over cooked it! It had good flavor (and really satisfied my craving for something warm and chocolatey), just was incredibly tough even while it was still warm. I'm going to need to take a better look at the microwave, and see if I can give this recipe another go.

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Jess_WI November 10, 2006

I made half a cake with this, in a bowl that apparently was not one quart, because it made a mess of the paper towel, and even overflowed a bit. (Oh well, I needed to clean the microwave anyway!) I gave this 5 stars because based on the taste, it would be delicious made as directed. I added a dash or two of cinnamon to the main part of the cake. I omitted the walnuts and added some colored sprinkles instead (though not the entire amount), and I had no brown sugar for the topping, so I used white sugar. For the topping, I wasn't sure which to sprinkle first, the sugar or the cocoa, so I did the cocoa first, then the sugar. I omitted the coffee powder. I microwaved it at 50% for 8 minutes as the recipe said, and then added 2 minutes on high, until the areas that were cakelike were dry. If you're looking for a tasty, quick, gooey dark chocolatey treat, this is the recipe for you! I sprinkled some powdered sugar over top to make it pretty.

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cookiemaker September 16, 2006
Brownie Pudding Cake (Microwave)