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I really liked this quick & easy dessert! This got better to me after it sat a day or two(yes, it actually lasted that long as my hubby is not a big sweet eater!) the sauce thickened almost like a hot fudge consistency,really satisfies a craving for an ooey gooey brownie! Awesome on it's own or with whipped cream or ice cream! Will definitely make this again sometime.

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Rhonda *J* May 05, 2003

I thought I posted a review on this ages ago. this recipe is great....satisfy your chocolate craving for sure. The sauce is to die for. Followed the recipe as written, and didn't think it needed any changed when I do it the next time, which will be soon.

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KitchenManiac May 20, 2003

wow! ooey gooey chocolatey, wonderful dessert! and it was so quick and easy to prepare. the sauce underneath is so incredible, this didn't even need whipped or ice cream. the sauce does thicken upon sitting, i hid it so it would last more than 1 day and ,if it's possible, it was better the second time around. thanks so much for this recipe.

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chia June 23, 2003

Easy to prepare and very, very good. The aroma of chocolate while baking is incredible.

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Lusil February 15, 2004

Thank you Cindy Lynn for posting this recipe. It was lovely hot,it was lovely cold but it was best with ice cream as a sundae, topped with chocolate sauce and a dollop of whip cream voila...supreme decadence. We also found that it tasted best on the third day.

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Baby Kato July 18, 2004

I'll have to give this recipe a mixed review. The plus points: 1)It is a very handy dessert to make. How many times have you gone to bake something and discovered that you were out of eggs? If you don't have any walnuts on hand, you could just leave them out but everything else is probably already in your pantry. 2) This has to be the most active thing I've ever stuck in my oven, really pretty darn entertaining and I imagine children would get a kick out of baking it ! 3) The fudge sauce that it makes is yummy. The negative, however is that the brownie portion was good, but not luscious. It tasted kind of like watered-down chocolate to me. My husband's comment was that he likes my regular brownie recipe much better, and lets face it, when you are taking the time to bake something, you want it to be outstanding.

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FlemishMinx April 06, 2004
Brownie Pudding