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Oh Andi, seriously, this recipe is amazing! I would have never thought that it would work out, but it did and very well so. The muffins came out brownie like and fudgy with such an intense chocolate flavour. I wasnt missing anything at all! YUM!
I made half the recipe using this recipe Moist Deluxe Dark Chocolate Cake Mix(Copycat-Duncan Hines), but reducing the sugar to 1/4 cup, which was plenty for me and omitting the shortening. For the choc chips I used 1/4 cup mini semi sweet morsels.
Ill surely make these again, they are wonderful! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing a true winner here with us, hon!
Made and reviewed for the Turning Over A New Leaf Challenge in the Diabetic Forum January 2012.

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Lalaloula January 18, 2012

Miss Andi - I decided to live dangerously and wing this one a bit. First - I had a bag of Bob's Red Mill GF brownie mix I have been wanting to use up - so the bag went into the mixing bowl (all 21 ounces). Next, the can of pumpkin. Third, since I read through the reviews prior to my experiment, I was a bit concerned that the brownies would not rise, so I added 1 large brown egg. Lastly 6 ounces of white choco-chips. I did mix this all together quite well, and ended up adding between 1/4 - 1/2 cup warm water so the beaters could actually get through this stuff! I then put about 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons in each of my mini muffin pan cups and baked for 16 minutes in my 350 convection oven. Can you say ooey-gooey-rich and chewy inside...golden-cakey-tender-flakey outside !!?? These came out wonderfully - kind of crusty on the outside like a brownie, and very fudgy and delicious in the inside. This is another super simple and quick recipe to put together and bake. I got 43 mini muffins out of the batch, so some of those will go to work so I can brag about this great recipe I found LOL. Thanks for posting - made for Spring PAC 2012.

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FloridaNative April 10, 2012

Andi these were some yummy muffins! I also used my Kitchenaid to mix the batter and it worked great. No one ever knew there was pumpkin in the mix and enjoyed every muffin they ate. Nice moist muffins that satisfy the chocolate craving. Will keep the ingredients on hand from now on! Made and reviewed for Kittencals Nuffin But Muffin Tag Game in the Vegetarian Forum.

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lauralie41 November 05, 2010

This is my kind of recipe! I love that it is so simple to make and tastes delicious! My children & husband thought they were great. I didn't tell them what was in them until they tried a bite, though - my husband doesn't like it when I "funkify" things, but he would eat these again. I tried making this as a loaf of quickbread, but it was a bit hard to slice because it is so moist. Next time, I'll make it into mini-muffins.

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Micki Lea October 26, 2010

Man oh man...can you say DELISH!!!. I've too have adapted pumpking into some of my baking recipes...aka cupcakes, and this one for muffins is totally over the top scrumptous. Who knew only three little ingredients could produce such flavor. Mine baked in a little more than 15 minutes and I got 16 med. sized muffins. A definite repeat as there's nothing to remember in how to make/bake.
Made for NuffinButMuffin Tag game in KK's forum.

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CoffeeB October 02, 2010

These tastes amazing%u2014but I found my oven needed an extra fifteen minutes to bake them. My oven always needs extra, though. I the can of pumpkin that I had was larger than required, though%u2014and the box of mix was smaller. I will definitely do this again, thanks for the recipe!

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The.Dragonfly.Lover September 06, 2010

This recipe is great! I am always looking for lighter versions of my favorite naughty indulgences. These were just as delicious as the real thing without all of the added fat! I didn't have pumpkin, so I used a can of sweet potato puree. It worked great, and think of all that Vitamin A and C I just added! Bonus!! Thank you for a wonderful chocolate recioe that I won't feel guilty about.

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anne.graves August 17, 2009

I set out with great trepidation here and had great success. Our packet mixes seem to be smaller here - mine was 340 grams - so reduced pumpkin accordingly with a very good result.Moist, dense, lovely colour too and not a hint of pumpkin flavour so good for unsuspecting kids !! They will be in the lunch boxes this week !

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katew July 25, 2009

Andi, these were so good. They tasted better the second day, could not tell that they had pumpkin in them at all. I made 12 muffins and used peanut butter and chocolate chips for variety. DD and I made these and decorated them for Valentines Day on Friday as of Monday morning there are only 4 left... "revised". This has become a standby recipe, one of Dh's favorites. I make these at least once a month. So good.

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MsSally July 15, 2009

Can I submit a review with 15 stars!!! These are amazing little guys. My DS was so pleased - I made brownies as a muffin! I used Reeses mini peanut butter baking cups instead of chips. These muffins are moist and EXTREMELY easy to make. Baked up perfectly in 17 minutes in my oven. Andsie - can't thank you enough for a treat I'll be going to often for the whole family! Made for Zaar Stars Tag Game ! :)

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HokiesMom April 21, 2009
Brownie Muffins That You Wouldn't Expect to Be Good!