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This is a fantastic recipe. I did, however, run the recipe through the Weight watcher online recipe builder and know that if you make this recipe into 18 NOT 12 muffins they are 2 points per muffin. Made into 12 muffins (the tins would have overflowed if I tried) each muffin would be 3 points. I was looking for a healthy alternative to get my chocolate fix as a Weight watcher member. I had tried a chocolate cake/pumpkin recipe but was very disappointed in the results. Although this is a "sturdier" muffin than a plain chocolate cake muffin, it is not "fiber" tasting at all. I bake and then freeze a batch and carry them in my lunch almost every day and never tire of them.

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Yweightil40 September 15, 2006

The recipe should say 2teaspoons of BAKING POWDER instead of Tablespoons!!! Mine turned out pretty good, I added a few semi-sweet chocolate chips also. I will make these again for sure, but if you are expecting the same taste and texture as regular brownies you will be disappointed. Perfect for those watching their weight though! I froze most of them to eat one at a time also.

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kateburns01 July 03, 2010

We love this recipe, can't remember where I got it originally but my "source" says they're 2.5 points each. Anyway, they're great, very soft and moist!

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thepurpleturtle September 24, 2006
Brownie Bran Muffins