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Nice touch of sweetmess to crispy browned potatoes. I used baby golden potates and sliced them in half. The molasses carmelized over the potatoes for mild sweet crunchiness. Next time I will add a bit more molasses. I think these will be just as good by omitting the oven step and just browning the potatoes to your desired crispiness/browness and drain and toss with molasses. Not sure that the oven actually added anything to the overall recipe. Thanks for sharing.

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Sassy in da South September 08, 2008

Very good. Love molasses and had to try this recipe and I wasn't disappointed. I might have added a bit more molasses than called for and I even drizzled a little over top when served for presentation. To save a pot I omitted the boiling step, and just diced up my raw potato in the skillet. Added a bit of oil and on a very low heat with a cover cooked for approx. 30mins until tender and lightly browned, then put in the oven. Next time I may not even transfer to the oven and just cook longer in the skillet until browned & crispy.

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KellyMae September 08, 2008

Very tasty, nice to be able to use my cast iron skillet in the oven. We added precooked kielbasa and made this a full meal. We aren't fond of molasses, so only added about 1/2 TBS. before baking. And guess what, the flavor was good. Thank you for sharing!

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MommaEllen August 28, 2008

If it were just me rating this I would of probably given it 4 stars BUT DD#1 who is a chef loved them. I couldnt find any small new potatoes in town so used new reds and chunked them up, doubling the recipe as we are all potato lovers. I did them in a cast iron skillet and did cooke them a little longer on the stove top to brown them all. When they came out I was skeptical of the molasses becuse mine was full bodied not just mild but I doubled that too. I found that flavor a little too much but DD#1 thought the opposite. I compensated by adding more salt, some crumbled bacon and dried parsley to my portion and that made them tastier to me. I have been asked to make these again and soon by DD#1 and DS so I guess who am I to protest? Thanx for a recipe we all enjoyed!

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LAURIE May 15, 2005
Browned New Potatoes