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After I added the flour, the dough was still liquid. I added almost a cup more flour, but ended up with bland little balls.

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Carmen rhm December 17, 2008

I've had this on my radar to make for quite a while... It seems to me that the first reviewer had to have made a significant mistake since there isn't much liquid ingredients! I was right. Actually I had the Opposite problem. I found the full amount of flour to be too dry to work with. Just now I'm realizing that I missed the white sugar and only used the brown sugar. oops! That would definitely make them a bit sweeter... In the end I added another Tbs of butter and I was able to work with the dough. Another option would be to reduce the white flour. In my case, I wasn't wanting to make balls but use this as a base for a fruit pizza. It worked great for that...not too sweet since the rest of the toppings were sweet enough. I just may need to save it for that purpose. Reviewed for Bargain Basement Tag game.

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Chef Tweaker April 03, 2013
Brown Sugar 'n Nice Cookies