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I don't quite know just how to rate this. Where does the seasoning mix go? I finally decided to dredge each slice of pork tenderloin in the mix and then brown them. That actually worked out well; the meat browned very nicely. Then I poured in the red wine and butter, adding what was left of the seasoning mix to the sauce. Delicious! So I guess that's what I will do next time. Great tasting recipe, not so clear instructions. UPDATE: I did a little research online and found this recipe on the Publix supermarket web site. And yes, it does say to pat the seasoning mix into the individual slices of pork. So my guess was correct. Thus I'm giving this 4 stars. Thanks for sharing . . . Janet

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Jezski August 10, 2009

I agree that the sauce should be doubled for this delicious dish. I doubled the recipe because I was using about 4 lb of tenderloin to feed five adults, four of whom were big, hungry men. Because I was using so much pork, I did not slice it and do it in the pan like the recipe says but I browned the whole tenderloins, placed them in a baking dish and poured the sauce over, covered it and baked it for about two hours. Even though I doubled the recipe, for that amount of pork we could have used more since everyone was adding sauce. Also, I don't care much for the texture of Montreal steak spice so I ground that fine before mixing it with the brown sugar. We will definitely be making this agaiin!! JPsBarbie, thank you so much for posting this great recipe. Grandy

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grandypink April 06, 2009
Brown Sugar and Garlic Glazed Pork