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I can't imagine ingredients burning over medium heat if watched closely and stirred, especially in a decent quality saucepan. I also think it is unfair to rate a recipe low based on poor cooking technique. Besides that, I grew up on rice pudding and I love pumpkin and thought this was a decent pudding made from both. Brown rice has a different, chewy texture, which I prefer, so don't expect this pudding to be identical to pudding made with with white rice. Overall, I liked it, had no trouble with milk boiling over or scorching, and will make it again! Thanks 2Bleu!

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KathyP53 October 12, 2011

I am sorry to say I will not be giving this any stars as it and I had major issues. The first was even over medium low the milk boiled all over the stove so lift the lid and checked oh good it was not scorched to the bottom of the pan. Reduced the heat to low to keep it from continuing to boil over, at the end of 45 minutes smelled something burring and dam it had scorched to the bottom of the pan even being set on low. Tried to selvage what there was but there was no hope as the rice was still hard even though the total cook time had been 50 minutes. I think this recipe has real hope but the cook methods and heat need some work. Thanks for the post.

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Debbwl October 07, 2011

Sometimes it's worth while having others test the water before doing a cannon ball into the water, & so, after reading the other reviews, I did take things very carefully, starting out with very low heat under the milk, sugar & spice. When it was heated enough, I added the rice, then turned the heat up a bit. When a few small bubbles started for form around the edge, I turned the heat to simmer, covered the saucepan & let it go! Worked out just fine, & after adding the pumpkin, cranberries & the vanilla, we had a very satisfying fall pudding! Thanks for sharing a great recipe! [Tagged & made in Please Review My Recipe]

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Sydney Mike October 12, 2011
Brown Rice Pumpkin Pudding