Total Time
1hr 24mins
Prep 1 hr 10 mins
Cook 14 mins

As I child, I was a big fan of Nabisco Brown Edge Wafers. Their simplicity and subtle buttery flavor seemed very "adult" to me. But in 1996, Nabisco stopped making them. Now I have to really be an adult and make my own. Fortunately, these elegant cookies are simple to create.

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  1. 1.) Cream butter and sugar together.
  2. 2.) Mix in the egg and vanilla extract.
  3. 3.) Sift together the flour and potato starch. Add to the butter mixture and stir until well mixed.
  4. 4.) Refrigerate dough for an hour.
  5. 5.) Roll into balls about 3/4" in diameter and place at least 2" apart on an ungreased baking sheet. Flatten balls slightly with your fingers. NOTE: You can either bake on parchment or directly on the pan. If you bake on parchment, the brown edges will be thinner.
  6. Bake at 375 for 14 minutes. Check after 10 minutes. Cookies will spread a lot. Let the edges get nice and brown, but don't let them burn.