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This did not work well for me at all. I tend to make artisinal breads and am usually careful of what I do. The texture of these was somewhat cottony, very little flavor. They looked nice though. I don't think there was enough salt (and that may be a problem since I used the metric conversions which came to 10gm, I think). It would have been better with double that. The amount of yeast was about 3 times more than I would normally use to leaven this much flour, so the dough rose far too fast (even though I tried retarding it in the fridge). The dough also seemed a bit too wet - it never did clear the sides in the mixer. I was OK with it, but it was pretty hard to work with. I don't get why the eggs should be beaten - I understand why they are there, but beating them seemed like an unnecessary step. I can't judge that accurately, since I have never tried any other way. All in all, these are a failure for me.

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seabird20 May 06, 2009