Bronzed Veal Chops

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 20 mins

Fast, simple and delicious.

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Combine the first 10 ingredients in a small bowl.
  2. Sprinkle all surfaces of the chops evenly with the seasoning mix.
  3. Pre heat 1 Tbs. olive oil in a 12-inch skillet.
  4. Place the chops in the skillet 2 at a time and cook for 3 minutes, turn and cook 2 or 3 more minutes.
  5. Remove the cook chops, wipe the skillet clean, place back over high heat, add 1 Tbs. olive oil and repeat the process with the remaining chops.
Most Helpful

Veal just did not go on sale, but I had some nice pork chops handy. I only needed two, but the seasoning will be ready for another time. Great fast meal.

duonyte December 20, 2013

Delicious seasonings! I don't fry anything so I baked our chops in the oven for 30 minutes. Came out wonderful tasting!

nemokitty August 19, 2012

This is really quick and easy to make, and very tasty! My chops came out really juicy and tender. Perfect for any day of the week. Thanks for sharing your recipe, Pat!

breezermom September 03, 2010