Broiled Halibut With Goat Cheese Crust

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Total Time
5 mins
20 mins

This is my stand by easy dinner party recipe. The fish is light and flaky and is complemented nicely by the richness of the herbed goat cheese topping. It's impressive yet as simple as can be.

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  • 6 ounces soft herbed goat cheese
  • 2 (6 ounce) halibut steaks
  • 12 cup breadcrumbs


  1. In a small bowl, stir goat cheese. Pat this evenly over the tops of the halibut steaks.
  2. Press fish, cheese-side down, into a bowl of breadcrumbs. Place the steaks on a baking sheet. Spray lightly with PAM.
  3. Bake for about 15-20 minutes at 400 degrees. You will know they are done when the topping is browned and the fish can be flaked with a fork.