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WOW!! what a surprise treat! we live by alot of grapefruit groves so I decided to try this with the tons of grapefruit I have and YUM!!!and my kids loved it too! YAY!

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Donna February 05, 2003

I LOVE grapefruit and it's weird taste, but haven't eaten it for a couple of years - since being put on blood pressure tablets. Apparently it reacts with them and therefore grapefruit is the ONE thing they definitely say we (DH and I) cannot eat!
Nevertheless, I just had to try this recipe - oh, it was heavenly!
I used a semi-raw sugar, produced here in Australia, which is actually low G.I. so is safe for diabetics. (Called LOGIcane.) Combined with the cinnamon, with the lovely warm grapefruit (never had it warm before) I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven.
And, yes, I did have the maraschino cherry on top - five, in fact!

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iknitok May 12, 2011

Hi this was a fresh tasty breakfast, I usually just eat my grapefruit as it is but it was a very pleasant change. I am a diabetic and grapefruit is one we can have, so because of that I used splenda with my cinnamon, and didn't use too much as it can burn quite easily and that would not have been nice. But I made up for the sugar with the cinnamon, I do love cinnamon and guess what that is great for diabetics to, so I was very generous with that. I would definitely make this again, well actually I might just have it tomorrow again to use the other half. Thank you for posting Made for Honor thy Mother the diabetic forum May 2011

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Tea Jenny May 12, 2011

I had never tried a recipe like this because I was a grapefruit "purist" and thought I loved it plain. Well, when the Christmas grapefruit were still in the refrigerator in March, I realized that wasn't true! This is so easy, and gives the fruit just a little oomph to make it really tasty. The only thing I did differently from the recipe was to mix the sugar and cinnamon together before sprinkling.

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evewitch March 14, 2011

Not a kid but did enjoy this very much! So simple yet so tasty! Didn't add the cherry though! Thanks! :)

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Redsie January 21, 2010

Tried this for breakfast and what a lovely surprise. I usually just sprinkle a little salt on my grapefruit and that's about it. Tried this, (warm it was tasty!!) and it was soooo good and simple to make. I followed exactly and really enjoyed the extra crunchy taste that came with the carmilized sugar.

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Bonnie G #2 July 27, 2009

I love grapefruit...especially sugared! LOL! This is really delicious and you may even want to try grapefruit with brown sugar...I think it is even better. If you like grapefruit you will probably like this. If you don't like grapefruit give it a whirl anyway, you may enjoy it (just get a red grapfruit it is better). And don't worry if this gets warm...believe it or not warm grapefruit is tasty.

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Chef Kelly Bug February 26, 2009

My husband and I found it somewhat interesting- though we usually don't like grapefruit too well- my kids, who usually do like grapefruit did NOT like it- and refused to eat it- even my (usually) non- picky eater. Did find it to be less sour.

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motherofmoonsunstar December 08, 2008

I have never liked grapefruit, but I really enjoy this and have made it several times. thanks to this recipe I have found I really do like grapefruit!

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KillerTasteBuds March 07, 2008

I have never tried grapefruit with sugar and cinnamon, only cold with white sugar or broiled with brown sugar only. I will have to try this as a lady at my school was giving away some of her grapefruits off her tree and she gave me two. I'm eating one right now, but broiled the way I normally do it. I'll save this recipe and try it with the other grapefruit. For the reviewer who wanted to know how to eat a grapefruit when prepared this way, cut the grapefruit in half between the ends so when it's cut open it looks like a wheel with several triangular sections. What I do is I cut the sections first before adding the sugar (or whatever you're topping it with) that way it's ready to eat after you take it from the broiler. Scoop the loosened sections of the grapefruit out with a spoon. When sections are eaten, grab grapefruit half and squeeze it over your spoon until no more juice comes out, and drink the juice. :) Yum! UPDATE: Broiled a pink grapefruit with cinnamon sugar which I'd already premixed; nice change and flavor, thanks for sharing! :)

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blancpage February 24, 2008
Broiled grapefruit, KID-PLEASER - adults too!