Broiled Cheese Toast

Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 5 mins

Growing up, it seemed my parents would be quite creative when preparing weekend breakfast. We always had plenty on the table, even when we had to scrimp to make ends meet. When we did not have a loaf of bread, my mom would use leftover hamburger or hot dog rolls, or whatever she was able to find which would toast under the broiler. Along with our favorite weekend broiled cinnamon toast, we often would have this along with our bacon, eggs and grits. Broiled Cheese toast is a favorite childhood memory for me. I hope your family will enjoy it too!

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  1. Place bread on cookie sheet.
  2. Spread with your desired amount of butter.
  3. Place cheese on top of butter.
  4. Sprinkle with sugar.
  5. Place under broiler; be sure to watch closely so sugar does not burn).
  6. Broil until tops are bubbly and just beginning to toast.
  7. Enjoy!


Most Helpful

I just made this for my bread/ cheese loving toddler and he is in pure heaven! Much easier than a grilled cheese IMO. Next time I may broil the bread with the butter on it and then put the cheese on because I like my toast with a hard bottom. The bottom does not get soggy or anything, it just stays soft.

jameswife24 December 24, 2008

I too remember this as a child... mom rarely kept any kind of bread in the house besides the standard white bread for sandwiches for our school lunches. If we ever wanted grilled cheese sandwiches, this is what we got instead! I still like it to this day, as does my BF... he remembers his mother always burning his and getting that black crust on top of his toast each and every time. When I made this for him recently, he asked me where the burnt crust was!!! :)

atlfitgirl August 30, 2007

My mom would also prepare cheese toast for us due to monetary contraints. On a "good" day, she would first toast the bread in the broiler, add a couple tablespoons of baked beans, cover that with an american cheese slice and put back under the broiler to heat the beans and melt the cheese over them - the beans ended up in a "pocket" of chesse. We felt like we got a real meal on that day. Thanks for the memory of "cheese toast".

Nannette Gammon August 29, 2007

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