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What a deeelish treat. Doesn't matter if you serve it hot or cold, it is fantastic and yet so easy and fast. The dish was prepared in seconds and the apples and pears only need 5 minutes in the oven. The taste of the broiled fruits was outstanding. The flavour of the rosemary goes so well together with the fruit. You have the herbal and resinous flavours of the rosemary and the sweet notes of apples and pears, which have some malty flavours too. The pepper and salt add just the right amount of pepperiness and salty taste to balance the flavours of the fruit and rosemary. The olive oil will blend all the different flavours so well. And it is a fantastic side dish or even a dessert for guests. There are so many possible ways to present it. Serve it for example with some vanilla ice cream and you have a wonderful treat for guests. This is a great recipe, easy and fast to make and absolute deelish. Try it.

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Thorsten March 21, 2006
Broiled Apples and Pears with Rosemary