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This was a really good all-in-one casserole dish. And if you have any leftover chicken or turkey to use up, this would be a great recipe to toss it into for a more rounded meal. But as written, I think the recipe was just bit on the bland side and could benefit from a little seasoning---perhaps garlic and oregano or basil (or both?). Also, the 2 soup-cans of milk was just too much. The outcome was a rather soupy consistency. But it did taste wonderful, so I will definitely make this again with some seasonings and less milk (1 can should be enough, I think). Overall, this is definitely worth keeping and experimenting with various seasoning combinations. And it could have been an issue with my oven, but baking for 1 hour at 350 was too much. I checked my dish after 35 minutes of baking, and the cheese on top had already begun to burn. Another 25 minutes would definitely have been too much. But like I said, that could easily have been a quirk with my oven and not an issue with the recipe itself.

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NorthwestGal January 31, 2009
Broccoli Supreme