Broccoli Salad

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Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

Great to bring with you to a picnic. It's a favorite of mine!

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  1. Make dressing two hours ahead and refrigerate.
  2. Toss dressing with the salad mixture and eat!
  3. This is so yummy, so enjoy!
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This is a great salad! I didn't have any sunflower seeds so I just omitted them. I used Raspberry Bisamic vinegar.

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yum.....this is my favorite way to eat broccoli. I've made this several times, and vary it sometimes. Cashews instead of sunflower seeds, craisins instead of raisins. I use fat free Miracle Whip, and Splenda instead of sugar, so its guilt=free!

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You talk about delicious! I printed the recipe and had my daughter put it together. She make one change and it had to do with what we had on hand - she used slivered almonds instead of sunflower seeds. The dressing was perfect. I don't normally like raw broccoli but no problem. Thanks