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I don't know how you could call this a kugel. I followed all the instructions meticulously and what I got was a heap of slightly moist broccoli florets. Unfortunately, I also followed the author's suggestion to quadruple the recipe, so after the first pan came out looking ridiculous, I was stuck with a HUGE quantity of "kugel" mix (which was basically broccoli florets with a little bit of egg and matzo meal on them). When put in the oven, they didn't bind at all and came out looking like... a pile of roasted broccoli florets. There was absolutely nothing to bind this kugel together. Perhaps I should have steamed or blanched the broccoli first, or perhaps passed it through my food processor? Seriously, I love the idea of using fresh broccoli, but even after doubling the number of eggs it wasn't enough to bind it. I even tried adding some mayo to it, as other broccoli kugel recipes suggest, but it simply wasn't enough. Perhaps if I added another couple dozen eggs it could be improved. I've had to bake it all but it looks ridiculous and I don't know how I will possibly be able to serve it to guests. You have to be kidding me! I plan to try to disguise it when I serve it by melting cheese on top... maybe then nobody will notice what it sadly failed to be.

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SoarAway August 08, 2013

I know Kugel are meant to be a side but I quite often enjoy them for breakfast and this one made a nice breakfast. Really liked the fact that it was not overly eggie and also really enjoyed the little bits of broccoli that got crispy. I made as written, thanks for the post.

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Debbwl April 01, 2012

A very nice kugel. I was especially pleased that there was no oil or other fat added. Because of that I was also a little afraid that the kugel would stick to the pan and therefore I put some parchment paper on the bottom of the pan. The kugel came out beautiful and done after exactly 45 minutes. I used both florets and stem and they were both done with a little bite to it, not mushy, great. The eggs combined with the matzo meal was rather thick and I would perhaps use less meal next time to get it more runny and easier to blend in with the veggies. Furthermore I will saute the onion and the garlic before mixing it in since both had a little of raw taste. This is certainly something I would make again and not only for Pesach! Thanks for posting. made for Kugelthon 2010.

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Chef Dudo May 02, 2010
Broccoli Kugel