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Just different enough, but simple to prepare. I make it almost backwards though...I cook the chicken in a large fry pan, then add the garlic, sautee a bit, add broth & soy sauce, then broccoli & steam for a bit then add the Dijon. Seems faster and simpler that way to me. Great over rice. A keeper, thanks!

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Clarely June 14, 2010

I don't know anything about the south beach diet, but this sounded good. It turned out great. The steps in this recipe are very strange though. You can easily pan fry the chicken for a few minutes first, then put your broccoli & garlic in for a few more minutes, and then finally mix in the sauce, then cover and simmer for a few minutes. Saves time, and I'd imagine it doesn't affect the outcome at all. I also cut the amount of broccoli in half and added 2 cups of mushrooms instead, and I added chopped chives, parsley, & a tablespoon of cornstarch to the sauce.

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rpgaymer July 24, 2012

I have made this twice now. This is a GREAT dish. I made a couple of small changes because I didn't have all the ingredients. I substituted Herbox Sodium Free Chicken broth for the reduced sodium stock and used regular soy sauce. It was just right. I thought the broccoli was too crunchy for my taste so the second time I steamed it for 2 minutes before adding to the olive oil and garlic. I also thickened it with 1 tsp cornstarch at the end. I will be making this over and over. It is so good. Very versitile. One of these times I am going to add some mushrooms and cashews to really impress the family. Thanks Mindi for posting. Delish!

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WaCookinFool November 23, 2009

Added mushrooms before sauteing the chicken and then a tablespoon of cornstarch to the chicken broth/soy sauce mixture to thicken it. Served it over a faro, quinoa, brown rice combination. Easy, healthy and tasty - the whole family enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing.

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Nancy's Fancy Pantry March 12, 2012

We thought this was very good. I reduced the Dijon to 1 tbsp as I find it a strong taste, and I was glad that I did. I too added garlic in a bit later with the broccoli so it wouldn't over cook. Will def. make again. Thx.

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mums the word November 17, 2011

Prepared this for my family tonight, since we're trying to keep our carb count fairly low. I'd seen it a few days earlier and been intrigued. After fixing it, I have to say that it wasn't half bad by any stretch of the imagination. I would have liked for the flavor to have gotten deeper into the broccoli, but it made the chicken absolutely awesome! The directions were pretty straight forward, and the dish wasn't hard to fix. I scaled it up and have a lunch for tomorrow loaded with protein, low in carbs and fat, and fairly tasty. We will be chomping down on this one again.

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Tomcat1066 July 13, 2015

I made this last night. I was hesitant to make this dish because of the mustard, but will admit that the mustard made the recipe. I agree with other reviewers who said that the directions to make this meal are a bit time-consuming, so I did tweak that. Here's how I made this: I cut 1 lb. of chicken breast into bite-sized pieces and seasoned with salt, black pepper, paprika and garlic powder. I then fried the chicken pieces in olive oil in a large skillet. While the chicken cooked, I heated two 10 oz. containers of frozen chopped broccoli in the microwave, then added the broccoli to the chicken. I then added 1/2 a cup of vegetable stock. I didn't have soy sauce so I added A-1 sauce for the tang. (It worked.) I didn't have Dijon so I added spicy brown mustard. I then covered the skillet and heated for 10 minutes on low heat, stirring occasionally. I disagree with other reviewers who said the dish was too watery and needed cornstarch to thicken. I served this meal over white rice. My husband loved this meal but thought it needed some heat, so he sprinkled hot red pepper flakes on his portion. This recipe is a keeper!

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Scribbler515 November 12, 2014

This really is easy and yummy. The mustard taste is pronounced -- but we enjoyed it. We also increased the garlic to 2 cloves. After returning the broccoli to the pan, we covered and steamed it until the broccoli was a little more tender. Will definitely make again.

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Peprich September 29, 2014

I'm so not a chef, but this is recipe is so simple I could make it. I made it once when I was on my healthy food kick, and people keep asking me to make it. Healthy and delicious.

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givonnemarshall July 29, 2014

Wonderful!! I cooked in reverse, chicken first, like another reviewer. My only changes were adding a bit of sesame oil and mushrooms. Served over rice.

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DSimone July 09, 2014
Broccoli Chicken Dijon (south Beach Diet)