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This is awesome.. Turn off the crock about 30 minutes before serving, and it thickens up really nice.

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steve in FL January 27, 2009

I made this recipe for dinner last night with a few changes and it was fantastic. First I decided to not use the crock pot because I thought that was what was making it weird and curdle. Second I used red and yellow peppers just because I didn't have a green one. I also added a little black pepper and garlic powder. I mixed the milk and the soup with a whisk until smooth before adding it to the soup pot. I waited until the soup was hot before adding the cheese and stirred constantly until all the cheese had melted. AGAIN, FANTASTIC!!! I will use it again omitting the broccoli and adding potatoes for a potato cheese soup.

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1991 Mangie September 26, 2012

I whipped this up for supper because I was craving it! I doubled it instantly and added just a bit more milk.and some fresh cracked black pepper.. it was AMAZING!! I did it on the stove top and done in no time... Thank you for the wonderful recipe!

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JKompelien November 16, 2010

I made this for a family get together. Wasn't sure if everyone would like the broccoli, so I made some adjustments, and it was a hit! Added no broccoli and instead added 3 large potatoes, peeled cubed and par boiled, and 2 lbs of cubed ham. Started the potatoe prep first so by the time everything else was ready, the potatoes were ready to be drained and added.

Husband liked it so much that we bought the ingredients and made it at home for just us....

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misspunkin69 December 26, 2012

I tried this recipe yesterday and loved it :) I doubled everything but the broccoli and added diced potatoes... previous posts are right though that this isnt something to throw in and leave, I whisked the soap and milk together first, let it get warm in the crock-pot then added the cheese, whisking it every half hour or so till it was well blended, I did also add a little extra milk and some garlic powder.... It is a little work, but totally worth it :) Delicious!!

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Beccababy30 October 20, 2012

Mine also turned out weird and curdle-y... I don't think this is a recipe to throw in and forget - I'm guessing it should be watched and cooked on Low for less time... And although the recipe seems like it would be, it doesn't taste that great... Wouldn't recommend

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amandab114 January 08, 2012

I cooked it on low for 3 1/2 hours and it turned out weird and curdle-y....maybe I cooked it too long?

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amyp23 December 05, 2011

This was very good, considering how easy it was to make. I used reduced fat versions of the dairy products. The Velveeta thickened the soup just right. This is a great soup to throw in the crockpot on a busy day and come back later to a warm, cheesey soup. Thanx!

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*Parsley* January 15, 2009

Good soup, even my picky eater enjoyed it. I read several reviews complaining of curdling. I did not have any problems with curdling and I had it on low for 4 hours. I used whole milk in the recipe and after researching and reading the info below, I think that may be the "magic bullet" for a failsafe soup. I give it 4 stars because it's speedy quick & easy and popular with the kids. I don't give it 5 because there is enough "processed food" in it to not taste homemade to me, but a good recipe for a busy afternoon :).<br/><br/>ochef.com has this to say:<br/>Given the right circumstances, any milk or cream product will curdle (a process in which the curd protein, casein, coagulates and forms clumps). Acid, heat, and salt are the antagonists, all of which cause curdling. The milk has only one defense mechanism, which you don't want to hear about ? fat. The more fat it contains (and the fresher it is), the less likely it is to curdle. There is a dramatic difference in the ability of heavy cream vs. light cream to resist curdling. To bring skim milk into the equation is almost asking it to curdle.<br/><br/>But all may not be lost. Your best bet is to prepare the soup without the milk (assuming the base is a stock and not the milk itself), and add the milk at the end of the cooking process. Then make sure not to heat it at all or for long, and don't let it get above 180?F. Also, add any salt just before serving.

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ValerieKGorman November 06, 2013

This was really good. My DH, who doesn't eat cooked broccoli had two dishes and said - this is good. Believe me that is ten stars coming from him. Mine curdled a little too, don't know why unless I simmered it on too high a heat, but didn't affect the taste at all. I also made this on the stove. I will be making this again and again. May add chedder cheese soup in place of the velveeta sometime.

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Connie Lea November 06, 2012
Broccoli Cheese Soup for the Crock Pot