Broccoli,cauliflower Salad

Total Time
45 mins
15 mins

I love this salad. My daughter got this recipe from her boss. We have made it for several years now. It is a Huge hit at BBQ's, in fact everyone always wants a copy of the recipe.A friend sudgested I make copies of the recipe when I take it to gatherings. Great Idea! The best part about this recipe is you get a lil bit of something in every bite! That is why it is so important to cut your veggie's up into small bite size pieces. I also only use 1/4 to 1/2 cup of fresh green onions

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  1. Mix all the veggies together.
  2. You can add the dressing at this time.
  3. Add your cheese, bacon,sunflower seeds and raisins just before you serve the dish or atleast within an hour of serving it.
  4. Mix all together.