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These were really, really good! I'm not a shrimp lover, so I just omitted the shrimp. They came out wonderful. I will probably add some cheddar cheese next time, just to make them even cheesier. Just a helpful note... if you don't have over an hour to cook the potatoes, cut them in half a put them on a plate with the flesh side flat down, skin side up. Cook them in the microwave on high for about 15 to 20 minutes. They will be all mushy and ready to go! Thanks for this yummy recipe!

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Sarah in New York March 09, 2009

What a great twist on the traditional Twice Baked Potatoes! There was plenty of filling left, so I put it around the potatoes as the method said. Although, I admit I kept eating it whilst I was filling the potatoes too haha! This was really great. My fiancé greatly approved and I will be making this again!

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anniesnomsblog November 03, 2015

I made this today and loved it! I used Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, and used a little more than the recommended amount for a little added creaminess. They were delicious! Thanks!

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wonderfulcotne August 21, 2011

SO tasty! Thank you Kim127!! There isn't anything I'd change with this recipe. We bought fresh shrmip and cooked them rather than picking up pre-cooked ones, and they sure were juicy. UPDATE 9/25/09: Didn't have time to do the potatoes for an hour in the oven, so we did 2 potatoes for 6 min in the microwave, then about 20-25 min in the oven (on 400). The skins were a touch crispy and held together nicely when we scooped out the middles. Also, we used cheddar since there's no parm in the house. Still a 5 star keeper!

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GreenFish September 25, 2009

I chose this recipe for my day of choice (day 7) for the Canada Challenge because it features shrimp. This recipe was a hit and surprised my dh a bit by using the shrimp in a way that was novel to him. I served the potatoes as the main dish and it filled that role nicely. It went over exceptionally well with my 9yo. He kept remarking how much he really liked his dinner. = ) We had a dish of extra filling that I baked also, but I really like the crispy potato jackets myself. Served it with some fresh fruit choices and we all were happy and satisfied. Thanks!! Lori for the Cookin' Cats ZWT 4

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LoriInIndiana June 30, 2008

Perfectly delicious! Because I had accidentally bought sour cream with chives for a lemon pie-lol there-I used the sour cream with chives here and omitted the onion. I do not usually buy sour cream so that was a new ingredient for me. Otherwise I made as posted and will make again for sure. Thank you Kim127 for sharing. Made for Please Review My Recipe tag game.

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WiGal May 22, 2008

My family loved this. I had to break it up into do-it-yourself potato bar style, though, because different people here like different toppings. I replaced shrimp with veggie-crumbles that resemble ground beef, but otherwise followed the recipe's ingredients. I then mixed the potato insides with the sour cream, salt and pepper, and baked for the second time. I served the veggies, cheese, and browned veggie crumbles each separately at the table, and everyone mixed and matched the fillings they liked. Made for Please Review My Recipe Tag. Thanks, Kim!

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Susiecat too April 26, 2008

I cooked the potatoes in microwave. I omitted the butter at the end. It was delicious. Maybe to add cheddar cheese, grated with the mixture could add a lot flavour. Thanks Kim :) Made for Beverage tag.

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Boomette December 01, 2007

AWESOME recipe! I made this recipe several times, one for work and another time, at a family gathering and everyone loved these potatoes. This recipe is making me the hit of all the parties!

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Maxwell4350 July 31, 2006

These were really nice! Had to do them without the cheese because we didn't have any but they still turned out okay. Pity the quality of sour cream here isn't that good otherwise I think they would have turned out much better. I did the first cooking in the microwave as I normally do, and it turned out fine. This reminds me of a recipe I used to do as a kid which we all really loved! Thanks for sharing!

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baraahnz May 22, 2004
Broccoli and Shrimp-Stuffed Potatoes