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"Very tasty" was DH's comment. Very easy to make with on hand ingredients. This will be a real keeper for us. I am still giving this 5*s even though I changed the celery to finely sliced red onion as we are not really a fan of celery but I feel that this in no way detracted from the recipe. Really enjoyed this one. :)

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Jen T January 19, 2010

o.k.... This was not going to be an easy Potato Salad to serve to this family. DS is a connisuer of Potato Salad, he like it with mayo, unpeeled and cold where as DD likes it warm with just a hint of mayo and peeled. They have such different tastes in Potato Salad and what one eats the other will not! So with that said I followed the recipe exactly as written except I use dried parsley. It was such an easy recipe to make and follow. So serving time was the test time............... all I can say it was scoffed down be everyone, great flavours and such a different taste to the every day Potato Salad. Everyone loved it!!! Both DS loved and DD loved it, and DS looked in the fridge for leftovers to take to work.......... BUT for the first time in a long time there were none left. I will have to double this recipe next time.... YES there will certainly be a next time! Thanks daisygrl64...Wonderful recipe.

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Tisme November 25, 2009
Broccoli and Potato Salad