Broccoli & Almond With Lemon Butter

Total Time
10 mins
5 mins

Got this from a show on the A.B.C. As we are family of Broccoli lovers, I tried this for something different, and the family enjoyed it so much. Easy and so quick and a great side dish to any meal.

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  1. Whilst broccoli is still hot from blanching,heat the butter and extra virgin olive oil in a pan until a light brown colour.(Using olive oil inhibits the burning of butter).
  2. Add roasted almond flakes and toss.
  3. Place blanched broccoli in pan.
  4. Pour over with juice of the lemon, and use seasonings to taste.
  5. Serve.
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Made this for dinner tonight thinking it would be a family favorite, but instead I had some family members say that they would have loved the dish without butter, and others saying they loved the butter but not the lemon juice. I plan on making it again however; but with a little less butter and lemon juice to see what they think. Made and reviewed for the 46th AUS/NZ Recipe Swap.

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WOW great side dish! I had this ready so quickly and the flavour was delicious! I reduced the butter but I think it didn't take away from the recipe. Served the broccoli with BULGOGI (marinated grilled beef) - Thank you Tisme for a great recipe.

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We are also broccoli lovers and this was fast and dressed up to go with a broiled fish. PERFECT! I used more like half and half olive oil/butter, and probably some extra almonds (US translated to about 2 ounces, so I just guessed :) I'll be doing this one often! DH AND DD ate it all! I was hoping for some for lunch!