Brit's Cheesy Onion Home Fries

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 15 mins

This twist on a breakfast favorite comes from my daughter Brittany, who is a cheese and onion lover. Great for lunch and as a dinner side also!

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  1. Microwave potatoes as you would for a baked potato, but cook until*slightly* underdone- 4 take 12-14 minutes on my microwave (or use leftover baked/cooked potatoes).
  2. When cool enough to handle, quarter potatoes and then cut into about 1 inch pieces (we leave the skins on).
  3. Heat 2 tbl of butter or oil in a large non-stick skillet (or if you just cooked bacon in the pan, you can reserve some of the bacon grease and use that to fry in).
  4. On medium heat, add onions and cook until 1 or 2 minutes before adding potatoes, salt and pepper, stirring to combine.
  5. Let cook for a few minutes, flipping or stirring gently, until onions are tender and potatoes are to desired crispness.
  6. If necessary, add additional butter or oil to prevent sticking.
  7. Remove home fries from pan and transfer into microwavable casserole dish.
  8. Sprinkle with one cup of cheese and fold in gently.
  9. Sprinkle remaining cup of cheese on top and microwave for 1 to 2 minutes until cheese is melted.
  10. Sprinkle a bit of parsley on top, if desired.
Most Helpful

Wonderful! What's not to love about potatoes, cheese, onions and butter together? I diced my potatoes before boiling (left skins on). Instead of microwaving them, I stuck them in the oven at 375 for a few minutes to melt the cheese. This is breakfast AND lunch for me today! Thanx for sharing. I'll make these a lot.

*Parsley* October 04, 2005

This recipe was a hit in our house. DH and DD loved it!!! Next time I will be making 3 times as much as we each could have eaten it all ourselves. ;) Thanks again Karen!

TinyPawz May 02, 2009

Fantastic!! I made these today for brunch. The only thing I changed was I had some bacon that needed to be used up so I diced it fried and used the drippings. Cooked bacon and onion together and finished as directed. I left out the butter, salt and pepper only because I forgot it. These are excellent. DH said this is how he wants his breakfast potatoes from now on. I have to agree. Thanks for posting. I made for 123 hits.

barefootmommawv January 24, 2009