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This was a fun recipe to make and I bet kids would get a kick out of making it too. I let my yogurt sit 24 hours before rolling it into balls. Then I rolled them into balls and put in the fridge 24 hours. I rolled them in basil and then dropped them in olive oil. (Looking at the recipe now, I see I was supposed to let them sit another 24 hours before placing them in the oil) I've never had British Yogurt Cheese so I don't know how it compares, but I do know that these were really creamy and had a wonderful flavor from the olive oil and basil! I can't wait to share them with some cocktails and good friends! Made for family picks ZWT 6 by an Unruly Under the INfluence. Thank you Sharon!

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cookiedog June 28, 2010

I made these with not much success. The flavor of the cheese is nice as a spread for bread, but my problem was that even when the yogurt/cream mixture drained for a whole day, I was not able to form the balls at all. I let the odd balls dry for a whole day again, and they still wouldn't keep their shape. I really want to try them again, because I love that cheese, I used to buy jars of it in the US. Hopefully if I let it drain longer it will work. Thank you Sharon. Made for Swizzle Chicks and ZWT6.

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Mami J June 23, 2010
British Yogurt Cheese