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A very nice sandwich. We reduced the onion to 1 tablespoon --thought that was too much frankly. Evidently the Brits like raw onions a lot more than us. LOL! Omitted the salt. Thanks for a nice lunch, Cookgirl. Made for Unrulies Under the Influence during ZWT6 tour of Great Britain.

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WiGal June 18, 2010

A few simple ingredients that add to to a sandwich being more than the sum of it's parts. I skipped the bacon simply because it's something that I use with extreme rarity and I did enjoy this very much without it. I used half the mayo ask for. I had to make do with old cheddar from here in Canada. But it worked fine for me. One sannie will sure fill you up too!

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Annacia January 06, 2011

Tasty, easy to prepare sandwich! I used Cheddar and did include the bacon :) It was very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing! ZWT6

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Starrynews June 29, 2010

Yep, my favourite sarnie! I love cheese and onion and so this was a no brainer recipe to make! I did make a few changes, I never use mayo in tihis sarnie, so left that out! I used mature farmhouse Cheddar cheese as well as both types of onion and NO bacon! I always eat this iconic sarnie toasted, so that is how I made it! Made for ZWT6 and GB for the Whiners and Cheesers! FT:-) (PS: Yes this is an English sarnie, but no need for the mayo for the purists amongst us - I am not that bothered personally, but I thought I would let you know! And yes, raw onions are a MUST! Karen:-) ) (Photos to be posted)

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French Tart June 21, 2010

While at the store this week, I got a chunk of "Five Counties Cheese" which is layers of Derby, Red Leicester, Cheshire, Double Gloucester, & Cheddar so I thought this would be the perfect way to use it. I used wild chives and red onion (what I had) and no bacon (though I would have done if I'd had some!) Used lightly toasted wheat bread for one and will have the rest (on untoasted bread) for lunch tomorrow. Thanks so much for sharing!

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flower7 April 25, 2010

I scaled back for 1 sandwich but could easily have made 2 from the mix as it is a very generous serve, would like to try this as melt as I love gooey cheese, I used a sharp cheddar and toasted my wholemeal/wholegrain bread and next time will make it with the bacon and cut back on the cheese. Thank you Cookgirl and also WIGal for the recommendation, made for I Recommend tag game.

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I'mPat August 25, 2013

Yes this is a recipe that calls for the best ingredients you can get. I was able to get great imported white cheddar, some locally made whole grain sourdough French bread and a wonderfully sweet onion. I made untoasted and without the mayo or optional bacon, as I want to try as pure as possible the first time (see FT's review). The only thing I would do different next time is to toast, thanks for the post.

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Debbwl September 03, 2012

This was just wonderful! I used chives instead of scallions (had them in the garden), and then toasted the sandwich on my Griddler. The cheese was oozey and yummy; and the combination of flavors in the filling just made the sandwich rich and wonderful. I used homemade whole wheat bread, and 2 slices of bacon for 1 sandwich. Thanks for satisfying my craving for grilled cheese in a new and yummy way! Made for ZWT8

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IngridH August 24, 2012

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this sandwich! I used a sharp English cheddar, the full 2 tablespoons of Vidalia onion, 1-1/2 tablespoons of the scallions, and 1/2 tablespoon of minced chives. I served this on toasted whole-grain white and wheat swirl bread. I tried it with and without bacon, and actually enjoyed it without the bacon more. I did not find the onions overpowering at all, but blended in perfectly with the other ingredients. I will definitely make this again, as I generally have all these ingredients on hand. Thanks for sharing such a simple delight. Made for ZWT8.

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JackieOhNo! August 24, 2012

Great sandwich! This was always one of my favourites when I was living in the UK. The key to this is using mild onions, a strong onion will ruin the flavour. I tried it with the bacon because I was interested in the idea and it does indeed go well. I didn't add any salt because the bacon here is pretty salty, though when I have made my own version in the past without bacon I did always put a tiny pinch of salt in. Thanks for sharing! Made for ZWT 8.

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Tea Girl August 22, 2012
British-Style Cheese and Onion Sandwich for 2