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This smoothie is so yummy. I used frozen blueberries, regular milk, and splenda to sweeten it. Thanks Sharon :) Made for the Australian recipe swap for September 2011

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Boomette September 26, 2011

Made this for breakfast on Easter morning. I used frozen organic blueberries, skim milk, vanilla yogurt, and real vanilla. No sugar or ice cubes. This was a very thick mixture that I served in bowls like ice cream or sorbet. The flavor was very good and it was cold and refreshing. I think I would like this as a summer dessert on a hot evening instead of a breakfast just because it is soo thick.

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KelBel March 23, 2008

I made this for breakfast this morning as it was quick and easy and I was hungry! I used Rice Milk due to allergies, and used Blueberry yogurt instead of plain. I did use fresh blueberries. I made half a recipe but added about 1 c. ice. Mine didn't come out nearly as thick as Juenessa's, but it was delicious! I added a dollop of whipped cream on the top and some fresh blueberries for garnish... Great addition for a quick nutritious breakfast on the run! Thanks Sharon :) Made for Zaar Stars Tag Game

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Linda's Busy Kitchen January 27, 2008

This was pretty good, but not great. I picked this recipe for my youngest son who has a fondness for blueberries in smoothies. I cut the recipe in half and used frozen blueberries, regular milk, strawberry yogurt (because that is all I had on hand and we think that strawberries and blueberries taste good together), 1 T. of sugar and the rest of the ingredients as listed. After blending the smoothie, it pretty much had no taste. I added two more T. of sugar-- it tasted a little better but still not much taste. In the past, we have added some sugar free lemonade powder to milder smoothies to enhance the flavor-- so I added about 1 t. of the powder. My son said it tasted good with the added ingredient. We hoped to like this drink better, but enjoyed playing with it a bit. Maybe it would have been better with fresh blueberries that were in season? Thanks for posting, Sharon.

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Juenessa January 08, 2008

I tried blending this even without the vanilla for a lower fat blend and it tasted delicious! thanks for posting it!

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Cinnamon Snowflake September 01, 2007

I made this for my lunch on a hot Summers day, it was refreshing and I really enjoyed it. I used trim milk and replaced the sugar with Splenda. Great recipe.

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Evie* February 07, 2007

Taste and ingredients are rather ordinary. Great calorie to protein ratio (that's why I tried it). Not so special. How about adding some raw beef to the blender?

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Carnivorous Christian July 18, 2006

We loved this for breakfast this morning. (I split it three ways.) I used low fat vanilla soy milk and fat free vanilla yogurt so I left out the vanilla extract. At the request of my children I added 1 1/2 teaspoons splenda, but I didn't think it needed any sweetner. We used some lovely blueberries that I bought at the river market (Little Rock's farmer's market) and that were towards the end of their life. I was originally concerned about the amount of ice, thinking it would water it down. But I felt like this was a smooth light smoothie. I just wish I hadn't needed to split it three ways! (When I said "If you're not going to drink your smoothie I want it!" both my kids drank theirs right away.)

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ladypit June 27, 2006

I think you have to try this recipe as it is written to be able to say whether it is good or not. If you change up the ingredients it just might not be as good as THIS recipe. I made it this morning for breakfast using fresh blueberries and I can tell you it was great! I drank the whole thing myself. I think it would be good using strawberries too. Thanks! Tony

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tonythurston51 February 06, 2008
British Columbian Blueberry Shake