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I read the previous reviews before making this dish and made some changes. I made it a two crust pie using Tenderflake premade pie shells so I didn't have to roll the dough out. I used one deep dish shell for the base and thawed the second shell and plunked it on top. I used only two cups of beef broth and added a tsp of Better than Bouillon and a titch more marmite to make up for any absence of beef flavour. I still had to add flour and do a hard boil for about 10 minutes so next time I would drop down to 1 1/2 cups of very strong stock or broth. I also added some mushrooms just because they had to be used. :) It did take over two hours altogether and I'm a pretty fast veggie chopper but all in all it was worth the effort. The pie filling is just delicious! DH has already put in his order for more. Thanks so much for sharing this! Made for the Bistro Babes - ZWT 8

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K9 Owned August 22, 2012

This recipe had a couple problems with it, but at the end of the day....who cares. The flavor on this is the most exquisite of any meat filling like this that I have tried. My husband took one bite and exclaimed, "Oh my!" (That just does not happen.) It makes all the other beef pie/cottage pie recipes taste like mud in comparison, the flavors here are so bright and intense. However, for that very reason, this pie needs to be made in a double-crusted pie (perhaps I erred in reading it as top crust only?) or underneath a nice blanket of mashed potatoes as in cottage pie. I served some mashed potatoes to the side after we tasted it. The other problem involves the amt of liquid. At the end of 40 min, my stuff looked like soup, not a pie filling. I got the consistency I wanted by making the last 20 min a full rolling boil and a generous amt of Wondra flour as a thickener. I think the beef broth could easily be reduced to 2 or 3 cups rather than the 4 cups that make a quart. However, maybe that reduced broth is one of the things that gave it such flavor, so I doubt I will change a thing (other than being sure to have some Wondra on hand). Thank you for a most excellent dinner! ZWT6

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Debbie R. June 18, 2010

This recipe is a keeper! Fabulous taste! Just reduce the liquid as it's too much and makes a runny pie. I too did double crust. Highly, highly recommend!

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Sue Barr August 15, 2015

Very delicious, my son requested a beef pie, I used refrigerator pie dough and bottom and top crust. My sn does care for cooked carrots so used half carrots and half parsnips very yummy didn't have the marmite, but was still very tasty without it. I thickened the broth with a corn starch and coffee slurry . I will definitelybe making this pie again. Thanks for the recipe.

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KATWATCHINGU December 16, 2013

Easy to make & tasty! My husband enjoyed it. I had some edits - I used refrigerated pie crust for the top & the bottom. I used whole baby carrots and chunky onions since I like a thicker chunky texture. Added a teaspoon of garlic and ginger to give it some zing. On a chilly night, this easy dinner is a keeper! Thanks for sharing!

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Flaca January 26, 2013

This was marvelous. Dh loved it which makes me happy. I used shredded carrots because they were in the fridge and needed to be used up. I will reduce the amount of broth next time as the pie turned out to be very 'juicy' but the flavor was still wonderful. I've never used marmite before but it won't be the last time. Made for ZWT8

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Dreamer in Ontario August 21, 2012

DH and I both agree that this has marvelous flavor. There was still too much liquid at the end of simmering time that took about 10 mins of hard boiling to reduce to small amount of thickened juice. My other problem was the frozen crust, the stuff is dreadful. It was fully defrosted when I was ready for it but it was stiff and couldn't be rolled. All it would do was split and crack and was too dry to repair. This was my first time using frozen crust and it is also my last. When I want a crust for anything from now on I'll take the time to make it myself. I think it would be better with a bottom crust also. You can't go wrong with this filling though! :D

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Annacia August 18, 2012

This was my first time trying Marmite and it gave an amazing flavor to the meat! Based on the previous review, I only used 2 cups of beef broth which seemed to be the correct amount, but still would be nice to have it thicker like a pot pie sauce in lieu of broth consistency. I did steps #1-10 the day before which worked out well. Next time I would double the amount of veggies - they were really good!

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FLKeysJen August 18, 2012
British Beef and Onion Pie