British Beans on Toast

Total Time
1 min
2 mins

Great snack to munch on while watching your favorite British programs. Drink with Strongbow cider ;-) Tip: DO NOT USE AMERICAN Pork & Beans, Boston Baked Beans or "Bush's Beans" etc... ONLY Heinz or Batchelor's brand please, otherwise it might be gross. Don't worry; most American grocery stores sell HEINZ and BATCHELOR'S, in the International/European/English/Irish aisle. I've been all over the US and found them in Safeway, Kroger, Stop & Shop, etc. I've never not been able to find one of those two brands in the USA.

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  • 2 slice bread (white is traditional, but I use low-carb rye)
  • 220 g canof heinz baked beans in tomato sauce (both products come in a blue can, DO NOT USE AMERICAN Pork & Beans or "Bush's Beans" etc. ONLY Heinz)
  • Worcestershire sauce


  1. Toast bread.
  2. In a saucepan, heat up the beans.
  3. Spoon onto toast and top with Worcestershire sauce. (You could use Parmesan cheese too).
  4. ENJOY!