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Great brioche. This replaces the recipe that I've been using for years - Andre Soltner's - his has way more butter, almost too much. I made this before I had a new food processor, so since the whole thing was by hand, I halved the quantity so that it was managable. Getting the butter into the dough by hand is quite an experience. Step 16 is important for cooks new to brioche making. At one point it's inevitable that you think that this time it will never come together. But, it does. Thanks Petitfour. Beautiful bread and great directions.

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Jangomango April 18, 2003

Wow. I used this recipe as a tester for my new (used) kitchen-aid mixer. This also happened to be my first time making any sort of bread (with the exception of failed beignets a year or so ago and some Irish soda bread that doesn't require yeast). This was a very long process seeing as I started it in the morning with the intent on baking it tonight. I did manage to do it all in one day but it has taken quite awhile. The result however is an incredibly soft and delicious brioche that I am more than ecstatic about. Brioche is hard to find in stores around here and the few that have it charge roughly $6 for 1/2 of a loaf (and its nowhere near as good). Extremely happy with this recipe and will absolutely be making again...and again...and again....

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lukeout007 May 12, 2011

This is a GREAT recipe!!!!I followed exactly the process, then divided into balls and froze them i thaw in refridgerator over night then put in a very small bread pan, and bake. Yummy Bread !!!

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Frenchy Cabernet January 18, 2011

This was first attempt at making bread in a loaf pan. For such a detailed 38 step recipe, there are some glaring problems. In the ingredients add 1 more egg for the egg wash.Step 29 and 30 are confusing. I thought I was making a loaf of bread - not biscuits! Dividing dough into thirds making three loafs, experiment! You do not have to make the biscuits. What size loaf pan are we to use? I used 2 - pyrex 8.5x4.5 and a metal one 9x5 or so. The bread didn't fill any of the pans when done. In the metal one, the loaf came out a lot easier than the pyrex. All three were well buttered. I used very little egg wash and made sure in was only on the top, not dribbling into the pan. And what shelf did you bake in the oven at? I started in what I thought was the middle. At least it was the middle setting. I had to lower the rack, at twenty minutes because the top was golden brown already.I also had a thermometer in the oven, and yes I was baking at 375. I went down to the second rack setting to the bottom, which put the loafs in the middle of the oven. This was on me, now I know better. The bread had great texture, but the crust was too dark and crunchy. When you start out by stating to follow exactly, then give us 38 steps, please give us a recipe without leaving out anything. The bread itself deserves more than two stars but the lengthy instructions missing steps AND the missing egg deserves less than one star. I feel this was a waste of a day in the kitchen.

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Tony V. January 20, 2014

I am not a baker by any standards, 'cept when it comes to bread puddin' - I can throw down! But this recipe is ah-mazingggg!!! I mimicked every step in the recipe, minus putting it in a pan and baking it. My husband and son loved to go to Mimi's Cafe on the weekends for their "Cinnamon Brioche French Toast" so I decided to finally put this recipe to use, to create a home-made version. I posted the picture up (hopefully, it gets approved): one loaf, I braided it like challah bread and the other, I mocked a cinnamon roll, then braided it. For the cinnamon roll version, I flattened the dough, poured melted butter and slabbed on a generous mixture of cinnamon and brown sugar. Then I rolled it like a cinnamon roll to make it into one large loaf. I then took scissors and made three even cuts, be sure not to cut it all the way, leave the top part to 'tuck' under. I braided it, gently placed it in a loaf pan, brushed egg wash and baked it as prescribed. My boys LOVED it!

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rsprovost February 13, 2013

Petit Four, this bread is just heavenly! It had a lovely texture and a wonderful crumb. I was making brioche for the first time, and the detail in this recipe made me feel like aI had a friend in the kitchen. Thank you so much.

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moxie April 23, 2003

Can't speak yet to the quality of the actual results--but the description did NOT take into account the downtime of rising times...and two of them. I'm a regular baker, but it would be #@%!ing helpful to include this information in the opening segments discussing the time to be spent on the recipe, INCLUDING inactive time.

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Chrisjuricich July 19, 2013

AMAZING!! This was my first time making bread. I got a new KitchenAid mixer and was dying to make bread and liked how this can be made with ingredients you normally have in the house. I was a bit overwhelmed when I saw the number of steps but it's not too bad. The only part I had trouble with was the first rise. After almost 2 hours the dough had not risen. I was worried that all my efforts had gone to waste but I did some googling and found the answer. I warmed up the oven a little bit and let the dough sit in there for 30-45 min and the it doubled! Instead of making 3 loaves of plain brioche I made one plain, one chocolate and one cinnamon raisin and all three came out amazing. It took a lot of will power not to finish them.

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Lemonxsoju February 10, 2012

This is the best brioche bread I have made! I am by no means a great cook and this turned out so light and perfect! Follow directions and trust in the recipe!!! I was skeptical when it was mixing but lo and behold it all came together perfectly. I didnt have Unbleached flour, only bleached bread flour and still turned out great. I made danishes and pain aux raisin with the loaves. I make them and bake them then freeze them. WHen I want one I just let it thaw out and heat in a 275 degree oven till warm. Yummy thank you Julia and P4 for posting!!!

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dhikirah786 June 20, 2011

I made this yesterday for Thanksgiving. This was wonderful and easier to make than it seemed. Your step-by-step directions are fantastic. The KitchenAid Artisan mixer did all the work and I was more than happy to let it. Working with the refrigerated dough was a breeze. It was not sticky at all. Will make this again next year ahead of Thanksgiving and use it for the stuffing/dressing as well! Thank you again for posting this!

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helensteinberg_12969508 November 26, 2010