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I made this appetizer yesterday for a friend's visit. I liked that it was quick and easy and made for a colorful presentation. I used an 8 oz brie wheel and halved the other topping ingredients. While I really love garlic and typically add more than the amount of garlic specified when cooking with it in other recipes, I found this to be pretty garlicky with the three cloves that I used. I'm not sure that all guests enjoy such a strong taste of garlic (it was a little potent even for me), so I would scale back a bit next time. I served with pita chips and whole grain crackers. Thanks for a quick, easy appetizer!

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Dr. Jenny August 07, 2010

Wonderful recipe! I prefer this to some of the baked brie recipes - less hassle and you don't have to worry about timing. I served this at a Christmas party and it was a fresh and colorful addition to the table. I used half the amount of brie specified, which meant more topping :) mmmm I used half the amount of garlic and it was PLENTY. I may go to 2 cloves next time, especially for a social setting :) Thanks so much.

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Natalia 3 December 19, 2005
Brie With Sun-Dried Tomatoes