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What a nice way to serve Brie! I usually bake Camembert, but this worked very well! I assembled it all and then took it to a friend's house for a happy hour appy! We all enjoyed it with local French bread cut into sqaures to dip in it. I feel that to add any more ingredients to this, would be to over complicate the flavours, which should be BRIE first and everything else a slight second - so the flavours were very enjoyable for all of us! OH yes, I was VERY French, I left it in the box to serve! Made as a gift for Santa's Grotto - al little late, I have been so busy! Thanks! FT:-) (No photos - sorry - next time!)

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French Tart February 05, 2009

I'm rating this 3 stars, not because there was anything particularly wrong with it at all, but just becuase it lacked sparkle and that little something extra that could have sent this recipe into orbit. DH and lunch guests agreed that it was nice.. and certainly with 5 of us it dissapeared without problem, but it just looked so much more wonderful than it tasted so we were all just a hint dissapointed in the end. I WOULD make this again.. but I would pep it up with crushed garlic or fresh herbs or "something" to make it not only look beautiful, but taste that extra bit special too. Please see my Rating System: I rate harder than most, so this one ges 3 stars and I will tweek it further to add some stronger flavours that for us at least, it really needs. Thanks!

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kiwidutch December 27, 2008

I love baked brie and this recipe is excellent. I really enjoyed the savory aspect of this dish, it was lovely especially when blended with the soft tender brie. I did add a little toasted coconut to the dish, personal preference only. I served it on top of toasted mini Italian buns, they worked really well to capture all the lovely melted cheese and toppings. Thank you breezermom for sharing a recipe that I will make again and again.

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Baby Kato June 10, 2013

This was disappointing. I feel eating the brie plain would have been better as this was fine just not great. Granny Smith apples would certainly be good with any cheese in my opinion. Better than red delicious which I had on hand but nothing related to taking off a star. Plus served it with rice crackers to be gluten free, although not as good again that has no relation to the star that I left off.

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UmmBinat June 17, 2011

Delicious and easy. I used dried cranberries instead of raisins, and served with Granny Smith apple slices. Yummy!

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appleydapply April 01, 2009

I made a scaled back version of this for today's lunch for two which we enjoyed on crispy ciabatta with kalamata olives, slices of cucumber and tomato and (as suggested in the recipe) slices of a Granny Smith apple. I've never been overly fond of raisins so I used craisins and walnuts. These together with the green onions: totally delicious! Thankyou for sharing this recipe, breezermom. Made for 1-2-3 Hit Wonders.

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bluemoon downunder January 20, 2009

I didn't taste this myself--I don't really care for brie--and DH says he prefers plain, simple brie. But nearly all of our dozen or so guests love it--they made a 1-kg wheel all but disappear, and one of the guests happily claimed what little was left to take with her. So it was definitely a hit! It looked very nice, too. I served this with Marianne Baguette - Traditional Rustic French Bread, baked into 3 narrow loaves and thinly sliced. The one problem I had with it was that I couldn't transfer it from the baking sheet to the serving platter--the large wheel was so soft and melty, it kept oozing over the sides of the rind. So I had to serve it on the foil. I think the problem was just with the size of the wheel--using a smaller wheel probably wouldn't be so problematic. I used pecans and mixed raisins. Thanks so much for posting, breezermom! Made for Holiday Tag game.

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Halcyon Eve January 04, 2009

Made for Holiday Tag. We liked this very much...I used a whole round which was 200 grams. I served it on slices of baguette and it was lovely and creamy.I think I should have taken it out of the oven 2 minutes earlier as it did run over a bit but it did'nt change the flavour at all.I used a few drops of basil pesto on top but did not add raisins as we are'nt a raisin-lovin' family...LOL The nutty creamy pecans and green onion were a nice addition to the the smooth creamy texture of the Brie.

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Lorrie in Montreal January 01, 2009
Brie and Easy