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Delicious!! I used a bare amount of curry paste but otherwise followed directions and was quite pleased with results.

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Chef Kate May 03, 2009

Hi Bluemoondownunder!! I always read the new recipes that are posted each day. When I read this I had to try it. I was wanting to make something with ground lamb and there this was. I didn't have a leek and like you I don't like my food too spicy hot, so no chili paste. But otherwise followed the recipe exactly. Delicious. I actually haven't made it into pasties yet, which I was wanting to do with the lamb. But I got tired, so simply cooked up some lentils, served the lamb over the lentils with coriander, lemon juice and yogurt. I had a smiles a mile wide. My DH enjoyed it pretty well, but he isn't really into sweet and savory spices mixed together...I'm slowly training him. He's a midwest US meat and potato guy and he's learning, because if he wants to eat he eats what I eat and I'm getting more adventuresome as time goes by. Thank you for a lovely treat. I think I'll try to get the meat into those pasties tomorrow. Judy in WA

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godbreathed01 April 17, 2009