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Delicious and different! I made the salad using chicken and it was enjoyed by everyone! The sweet and sour/French dressing combo will be finding its way into some of my other salads as well. Thanks for sharing Caryn!

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Richard-NYC February 04, 2003

I wrapped the salad in butter lettuce leafs and ate it as a lettuce wrap. It was ok, I don't know if I would make this again.

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mamadelogan July 10, 2008

My husband looooooved this! The first store I went to did not have any sweet and sour dressing so I went to another that had it (Price Chopper) I used Wishbone french dressing and Old Dutch Sweet and Sour dressing. I did not add the bambo shoots because I did not have any. I will definitely be making this over and over. I tried tuna in it this time but plan on trying the chicken also. Thanks Caryn for sharing this recipe. UPDATE: I took some of the tuna salad and rolled it in a spring roll skin. Yum! As a dipping sauce I mixed some soy sauce and some of the sweet and sour dressing. If you have not used spring roll skins before do not confuse it with egg roll wraps. I purchased these from an Asian market. Some are made from rice flour but these were made from Tapioca flour. They look like round, thin sheets of plastic. You set one in a bowl of hot water for 30 seconds-1 minute (water should not be so hot that you can't handle the wrap by hand). Remove the wrap from the water and place flat on a plate and fill with tuna/chicken salad mixture. No need to fry or bake-just wrap and enjoy! They can be served cold or warm this way.

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JanV November 06, 2007

I wish I could give this even more than 5 stars!! I served this at a baby shower and everyone loved it! It's so different and unique. The dressing meshes so well with the chicken and veggies. It's such a nice change from the usual chicken salads. I couldn't find the sweet n sour dressing, so I used a sweet n sour marinade from the Asian aisle and thinned it out with a little olive oil. Worked great. I will definitely make this over and over. Thanks Caryn!!

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smltheppl June 06, 2006

I make chicken salad almost every weekend because my husband and I love it and it makes a quick, light lunch. Your recipe looked very different and interesting so I tried it. An excellent and unique combination of ingredients. The dressing is quite tangy and delicious. We both enjoyed it and will make again. Thanks for posting.

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ChelseaB October 29, 2003
Bridal/Baby Shower Tuna/Chicken Salad