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I first encountered bresaola at a roadside restaurant in Italy, by just randomly picking something from the menu (I had no idea what it was). Later we researched just what bresaola was and this way in which it is usually served, and have had that as dinner with bread and salad. We wanted an appetizer for Christmas eve, and I wanted to do this to rekindle memories of that trip, but wanted a way to make it into slightly tidier finger food. I laid out the meat slices, placed a few strips of parm shreds longways on each one, and added an arugula leaf; then sprinkled with lemon and olive oil; then rolled each into a relatively tight roll with a bit of the greens sticking out. I left the mushrooms whole and placed them among the bresaola rolls, and added a bit more lemon and olive oil. It was a little more labor intensive than served flat on plates as described here. I find that arugula adds enough pepperiness that extra pepper is not necessary, although it may not hurt. It was outstanding...of course it depends on having the right quality ingredients, but it was worth a splurge for the festive evening.

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Meredith C-ville December 25, 2006
Bresaola Al Carpaccio