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I admit that this is a wonderful idea, but one question.( And those of us who have breastfed their children and led a busy life and had to express and freeze should know and wonder the same thing.) When breastmilk is frozen the fat seperates so you have two layers. When you thaw for conumption it is highly reccomended by doctors and us pediatric care nurses that you have to mix the milk well before giving to baby. So, my question, how are you getting around the seperation factor when giving the frozen milk to the babies? Three stars for the idea, and I will change it to five if I knew how you got around that and it was still good for baby.

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tiffi0613 December 04, 2008

What a wonderful idea! I can't express any milk myself (massive supply, but I just don't let down for a pump), but it would be a wonderful replacement for the classic ice cube in a washcloth for teething pain -- especially since teething babies often don't nurse well because of the pain.

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3KillerBs June 04, 2007

What a hoot! I've been nursing for 4 1/2 yrs straight, and never heard nor thought of this. You know the bags for freezing breastmilk that come with the pumps? You could fill them with an ounce or two, freeze, and voila--push-up freezies. You didn't mention preparation time, though, which can sure be long when you're not used to expressing! What a healthy treat.

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annlouise May 11, 2004
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