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Very scrumptious. Stayed pretty close to how the recipe was written; except I added 1 clove of fresh minced garlic & a couple slivers of jalapeno. I measure my cheese in ounces (I find it easier than trying to measure out by cups) I started with 1 oz & ended up with 2 oz in my version. Due to the feta, I didn't add any salt. I used 1 1/2 large phyllo sheets per wrap, 2 halfs with butter rolled & last half rolled the opposite direction. We really enjoyed the recipe, this one is a keeper. Thanks for sharing.

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Mustang Sally 54269 April 02, 2009

WONDERFUL! This recipe reminded me of my summer camp I attended as a kid, but taken one step up by wrapping in the phyllo to make it party presentable. I loved this dish! I don't think it would be a carry out dish but served immediately or kept warm at home on a hotplate. I might have used regular white mushrooms instead of the portobello. Real garlic and skipped the onion powder.

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YaYa March 05, 2005

I doubled this recipe to put half into the freezer for serving at a later date. The amount of filling as written is very generous, as I rolled 12 pockets instead of 8. This was very easy to put together and resulted in a tasty meal. I really liked the use of feta cheese in this recipe and elected to use a garlic herb feta. I loved the crispness of the phyllo in a breakfast pocket. I think one could easily substitute ham or sausage if those were on hand. I would have preferred an amount be listed for the seasonings to take some of the guess work out. I liked having a breakfast option in the contest recipes. Great job!!

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Susie D March 03, 2005
Breakfast to Go in Phyllo