Breakfast Red Potatoes With Garlic, Peppers and Cheese (Aka Sha

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 45 mins

I learned this dish while living in a boarding house in Mt. Shasta, California. This was usually our morning meal. It has diced red potatoes, lots of garlic, bell peppers and cheese. This is great for camping, especially beside a fresh caught trout.


  1. Cook unpeeled potatoes in boiling water about 20 minute till fork tender.
  2. Cut cooked, unpeeled poatatoes into 1/2 inch cubes.
  3. In a 10" Iron Skillet, add 2 T canola and add garlic, bell pepper, and onion. Sautee very gently till they begin to be tender.
  4. Increase heat, add the remaining 2 T Canola and the potatoes. Toss to coat all potatoes with the skillet ingredients.
  5. Cook over medium heat till the garlic, ect begin to brown and adhere to the potatoes and the potatoes are warm thru, about 15 min.You will have brown bits of the garlic, onion, and pepper, but this is good.
  6. Remove from heat and sprinkle cheese over the top. Cover and let sit for a couple of min, till cheese melts.
  7. Scoop from skillet, making sure to get all of the flavors, including cheese on top, into each serving.
Most Helpful

Crowd pleasing and absolutely delicious? Yes! Healthy breakfast alternative? Not quite. While the cheesy variety won't make it into my every weekend breakfast options, these were perfect for a special Sunday and an ideal addition to a big brunch.

kmccart March 24, 2013

I cooked this for some friends of mine. They loved it. Just make sure the potatoes are cooked all the way through before cutting them into squares.

Blest Chef October 29, 2007

We make a similar recipe except with no cheese in a greased packet on the grill. I made this recipe as given, except reduced the garlic to 3 cloves. This dish was wonderful with our mexican scrambled eggs, especially with your addition of cheese. Now we'll be having these potatoes all year round when we can't grill!

Mareesme June 19, 2007