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I can't believe no one has commented or rated yet. These are awesome. I made 6 for just hubby & myself. YUM! So clever too... I wish I would have done breakfast this way over the past 40 years. This is a great way to make an easy "grab & go" breakfast (beats a "McMuffin" hands down!) Thanks for posting. :-)

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rosie316 January 15, 2013

These were great! I only made six, but they were absolutely delicious. I used thick sliced bacon like she suggests, I would say about 1 ounce per slice. The cheese was pepper jack, which I had on hand, and used about a quarter ounce or less. For aesthetic purposes, I might have tried to cook the bacon in the cups first, and then drained the fat before adding the bread circles, but it made no difference in taste. Now that those 6 are gone, I can see why you could make 12 and save some for future mornings. <br/><br/>I foresee variations involving leftover vegetables and more scrambled eggs, but they were very cute with the yolks whole! The large size eggs I used barely fit into the cups, so go for a medium egg if you want them to be extra cute.

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Martha Maslin March 17, 2013

I give one star for the idea & one for taste....other than that, I was pretty disappointed. It took an extra 10 minutes for the eggs to set & even after spraying the cupcake pan with PAM it was a pain to clean. Doubt if I'll make this again....sorry. THANKS anyway.

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Ackman January 21, 2013

We loved this recipe! This was a clever way to put a spin on an old breakfast tradition. I will definitely make this one again, but maybe use the bagels or English muffins next time as suggested. Not sure why someone had such a mess making these, mine popped right out when they were done!

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carleycarr April 28, 2013
Breakfast "Cupcakes"