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Made for your Football Pool win - DH & I host a wkly family brunch on Sat morning. However many family members walk together while I cook & they end up here for brunch. I'm never sure how many there will be & try to vary the menu so no one gets bored. Icelanders revere potatoes, so this was very well-rec'd. The frozen potato hash I get here is great for this dish (very small potato dice w/chopped onion). I did chg the topping. DH felt the price of the corn flakes was outrageous & didn't get them, so I subbed the Icelandic equivalent of Durkee's crisp fried onions & it worked well. Congrats on your FP win & thx for sharing this recipe w/us.

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twissis October 26, 2014

We just enjoyed this for our "New Years Day" breakfast. I must confess that I was a bit nervous. I assembled it after midnight last night. I did not measure out the bacon grease after removing the lardons. I just dumped all of it over the corn flakes and mixed. The other hesitation I had was that I do not like cottage cheese, but I figured it was such a small amount that I wouldn't notice it, so I used it. I was correct. It added a bit of creaminess to the filling. I used the frozen, shredded hash browns, but I thawed them and patted off any excess moisture, so that my casserole wouldn't be runny. It turned out great! I would just say that I may adjust the seasonings next time (for our own personal taste). I don't know if it makes a difference, but I did not use a glass (Pyrex) or aluminum pie pan. I used a 9" round, shallow Corning-ware casserole dish. This fed 3 adults (2 being large men) with a bit left over. Thank you for posting. (Made for PRMR).

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rosie316 January 01, 2014

Okay, So apparently the food.com people are not going to let me review and post a picture to this at the same time. I keep getting notes that say that my review/photo were not approved. We liked the taste of this Breakfast Pie, however even after following the direction precisely and allowing to sit in the fridge for 10 hours the pie didn't set up. Ours came out super runny. I think that maybe adding a little flour or cornstarch could help to remedy this. I will experiment and try to figure it out. Thanks for sharing diner524. Made for Photo Tag although my photo won't post! Sorry. :(

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ElizabethKnicely June 19, 2013
Breakfast Pie