Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 5 mins

This was originally on Vegweb but I have changed it so much mine is practically a separate recipe! It's a warming, hearty bowlful of healthy but delicious ingredients. Plus it's simple and quick to make once you've done it a couple times. Personally I like walnuts, pumpkin seeds and raisins on mine.

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  1. It is optional to soak the oats overnight in the water. I do soak them because it is easier for the body to access nutrients from soaked grain.
  2. Either way, in the morning, slice the banana (it might be helpful to let it thaw 10 minute if it's too frozen to slice easily- or use a paring knife). Transfer the banana slices to your smallest saucepan.
  3. If you soaked the oats, drain the water into the saucepan; if you didn't soak, just pour in the 1 cup water. Add the banana slices. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to simmer and cover the pot for about 2-3 minutes, or until the banana is "bubbly" and very juicy-looking. At this point you can add the blueberries to simmer for 1-3 minute.
  4. In a cereal bowl, mix together the oats and bran, wheat germ or flax seeds. Sprinkle in whatever topping options you prefer.
  5. Now dump the boiled banana/berry stuff on top of the oat mixture. If there is still a lot of liquid on them, use a slotted spoon to scoop the banana/berries into the oats. Just add enough of the liquid to moisten the oats- adjust the consistency to your taste. Mix it all together well. Sprinkle it with wheat germ or flaxseeds if you like, and enjoy.
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Tagged for Recipe Swap 14 March 2008 WOW! Loved this. I love oatmeal and this just added some real pnch to it. I used the wheat germ, frozen strawberries, and banana. The flavor was great! I did add a pat of butter to the top as I do that for plain oatmeal. Not sure why just do. I will make this for myself regularly. DH not into oatmeal. Thank you.

Chef1MOM-Connie March 10, 2008

A fan of my morning oats I was eager to try this unusual preparation technique. I soaked my oats overnight and was surprised by how much water was absorbed. Followed the directions and really had trouble enjoying the raw oats mixed with the hot banana mush. I ended up cooking it all together for just a minute - sort of a medium happy ground. Did like the texture of the soaked oats in this version. Sorry WRC.

justcallmetoni February 17, 2008

I am supposed to add more oatmeal in my diet but the problem is I don't like oatmeal; however, this was excellent. It wasn't too sweet and I loved the fruit. I added pecans. Healthy breakfast and tasty!

mary winecoff October 28, 2007