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Super tasty! I used a whole wheat English muffin. The peanut butter started to burn a little before I got it out of the broiler but it didn't actually taste burnt. Next time I might pre-toast the muffin just a little so it is crispier. Thanks for sharing!

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flower7 January 21, 2012

These are so awesome! I love how the broiling melts the peanut butter and makes the banana really intensify in flavor and sweetness (kind of like a caramelized banana). Make sure the slices are thin though, so you can maximize that flavor. I have also tried these with the bananas raw - and they are good, but the broiling gives them that 5th star. I have tried them with both the crumpets and the English muffins, as well as sourdough bread in a pinch. The English muffins definitely are not as good as the other two. Sometimes I like to toast them before putting the toppings on and broiling them. The first time I made these I subbed dulce de leche for the honey (and put it on at the end) and they were so delicious that way, that I have never tried them with the honey. I have made these so many times now - they are going into my best of the year cookbook!

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Maito November 08, 2011

Quick, easy breakfast and the grandkids loved it. I loved the combination of peanut butter and honey, but didn't care for the broiled banana slices. Will make this again, but will put the bananas on after broiling.

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Neta August 27, 2007
Breakfast Muffin