Breakfast Ice Cream

READY IN: 5mins
Recipe by BumblingBs

From a veggie blog; description that follows is hers-- The night before, freeze one banana and one cup fresh pineapple, in chunks. The next morning, you are ready to begin. Put the chunks of banana in the bowl of the food processor and with the S blade, process until very creamy and smooth. Add ½ tsp of vanilla while it is running. Then, and this is the important part, reach into this part of you that is totally crazy and corny. You NEED to add the chunks of pineapple while singing Copa Cabana BUT changing the words to Pina Cabana. You can say Colada instead of Cabana if you wish but change nothing else ! It could explode right there ! And you have to sing OVER the sound of the food processor. Pretend you are at a Barry Manilow show and people are thrashing everywhere… that will help. When you have sung a whole verse and the chorus twice, your dog is howling, your cat is scared to death (figure of speech), the neighbors have called the police and the mixture is smooth, add ½ tsp coconut extract. I hope you can follow these instructions to the letter because it’s really good. Decorate with a little coconut (toasted would be pretty) and eat immediately. Think to take a picture after you have already eaten half the bowl. With that, I’m Chiquita Banana and I’m here to say, that I wish I was organic and have a nice day !

Top Review by RazorbackFan

Wow, did we love this! DH quit smoking a couple of years ago and needless to say gained alot of weight. I'm trying to find stuff that he will do in the morning. He loved this! I did add some flax meal to it, which added a nutty texture to it. Going to keep an eye out for when they have pineapple on sale and just chunk it up and vaccum seal it so I will always have this! Will definately keep this always on hand!

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  1. Follow the instructions above, as written by the cook. I can't top that.

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