Breakfast Drink for the Young and Not so Young

Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 2 mins

A little something I put together to get my DM to eat a decent breakfast, she refused to eat cereal out of a bowl or eat fruit but put the lot in a blender (or use stab blender) with milk and it was gobble, gobble, gobble. I mainly use tinned fruit - peaches, fruit salad, pears, apricots, mango or fresh banana or equivelent of canned for fresh.


  1. Put all ingredients into a blender or food processor (or jug if using stab blender) and blend till well mixed (or pulse blend if you like to leave chunky bits of fruit).
  2. Pour into glass and drink (or if in a hurry into a travel mug and go).
Most Helpful

Very pleasant taste, I look forward to having this again! Found Weetabix in our local market, and used 2, as 1 large Weet-Bix weighs the same as 2 Weetabix, per company data. The taste of Weeatabix reminded me of toasted oatmeal, so it tastes better than our shredded wheat (although after blending, the shredded wheat might also do the trick). One 4-oz. can of diced peaches came almost to 1/2 cup, so that was very convenient. Made for Photo Tag.

KateL December 14, 2013

For some reason my kids (12,15,17) have gone off milk at a time where they need it..They like their weet bix with vegemite or jam in the morning. I whip this up and they have it in addition to their weetbix. As they burn it all off through sports training and school it gives them that extra boost they need.

angelmate April 18, 2008

Well, there went that experiment. I tried posting my review and clicking on submit only once, and it didn't show up and now I have to re-write it. Recently I have to click submit twice, and make sure my stars got through, but then I'd get 2 email notifications, so I thought maybe I was doing it wrong. Guess I have to go back to clicking submit twice! Anyway, I think this was very yummy and a great idea. I had never thought of blending cereal, fruit, and milk together before, but awhile back I had posted a recipe to make fruit milk in the blender to pour over top of cereal. I bought canned peaches especially for this, mine were sliced in light syrup. I used 8 slices, 3 spoonfuls of the syrup, 1 cup Fresh & Easy brand Unsweetned Organic Soy Milk, and 1 cup Post Spoon-Size Shredded Wheat (it needed to be used up anyway and iirc Weet-Bix is very similar to the regular Shredded Wheat biscuits). I also refrigerated my can of peaches overnight before making this. Thanks for sharing! Very quick, very enjoyable, and fun to drink. Made for Aussie/NZ Recipe Swap #15.

blancpage April 17, 2008