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These were great. But I would definitely cut the raisins in half as they were overwhelming and I wanted to taste the bacon more. :) Also, they get HUGE when you bake them, so keep the batter balls small. Thank you!

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shan.marsh March 22, 2011

This was a great addition for a breakfast in a bag, to carry to Churchill Downs to watch the Derby contenders practice, very early in the morning. The children liked them, and along with juice, a hard boiled egg, and banana, was a decent nutrient with little fuss or muss. Next time I would add more bacon and less sugar, but that's not a criticism, just a personal preference.

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jbrawlings May 06, 2010

I was really disappointed w/ this recipe. They sounded very intriguing and different but they weren't anything special. Couldn't taste the bacon so if you make them, I would definitely add more bacon if you're hoping to taste it in the cookies. I wrote a review last night that said I wouldn't be making these again but after having one this morning, I am willing to give them another try. This is one cookie that tasted better the next day instead of right out of the oven!

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Simplifying Things January 05, 2010

Made these to go with our breakfast this morning, & enjoyed the unique taste of them so much that I set most of them aside to include on our finger food counter for an up-coming New Year celebration ~ Will make them just for breakfast another time! Thanks for sharing this great recipe keeper! [Tagged & made for one of the new players during the PRMR Holiday Special]

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Sydney Mike December 30, 2009

My boyfriend would have given these cookies 5 stars, but since I am the baker, I am rating them to my taste. I read the other reviews & cut the raisins & sugar down a bit. I'm not a big sweets eater anyway. These cookies were good and I would do them again. I personally liked the crispness in the bite. I think I will try an applewood bacon next time to give it a kick. My first cookie with bacon, so thanks for posting.

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CabinKat September 15, 2012

I haven't been able to stop eating these since I took them out of the oven. After reading the reviews, I decided to sprinkle the cookies with sea salt before cooking them. I love salty sweet and these are great. I probably used a little more bacon than the recipe calls for and I found out after I'd started that I didn't quite have enough butter, so I added a couple tablespoons of bacon grease and I think these cookies have a really nice bacon flavor. I didn't have corn flakes so I used frosted flakes and reduced the sugar in the recipe to 1/2 c. I also didn't measure the raisins and just threw in a large handful, so I probably ended up with more than a 1/2 c. Maybe I'll have just one more...

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knutmeg80 May 06, 2012

After watching an entire episode of bacon themed dining on TV, I had to try Bacon Cookies! My family LOVES bacon. In fact, I had to make them when everyone was gone so I could get the bacon cooked and into the cookies. I doubled the bacon in the recipe and added a couple of drops of maple flavoring then sprinkled the tops of the dough on the baking sheet with coarse salt to balance out the sweet. I also left out the raisins (kids won't eat them). They turned out FANTASTIC! Thanks so much for posting the recipe.

Up date: After some more tweaking, I have found the perfect mix for me! I increased the bacon to 12 oz (uncooked), using thick sliced works the best. It is really good with candied bacon too. Added a little more flour (about 2 tbsp) to firm up the dough a little. Flavored with a shake of liquid smoke and 1 tsp mapleine. Made the dough balls 1", sprinked with coarse salt. Baked 10-12 min at 375 deg. FANTASTIC! I can't make enough to keep everyone satisfied!

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Bichons Forever March 03, 2012

This made a very nice breakfast cookie, but I'd like to taste the bacon more. I had cut back on the sugar to 1/2 cup to allow the salty flavor to come through more, but that was not enough. Fun concept though. Thanks.

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Born2cook September 02, 2011

I'd give this 10 star if possible and my son say's 100 stars. I was given a box of bacon ends and pieces at family camp and it was more pieces than anything. While trying to deside what to do with the leftovers I found this recipe. I tried them out on my family and they lasted about 20 min (there's only 3 of us). I desided to make them for family camp at church last week. I was still hearing about the breakfast cookies this week at church. I shared the recipe with a friend at work and they loved them also. This week I made them with Honey Bunches of Oats cereal instead of the corn flakes and they were great. Thanks for a great recipe.

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Triple BQ August 15, 2010

Was so undecided with this one when choosing a recipe for the Auz/NZ Swap - but the ingredients intrigued me. Reading Sydney Mikes review decided me - went with half a recipe and found I really liked these Breakfast Cookies. Have to agree they would make for a great finger food and I think a bunch item as well. Thank you Busy Mom.

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Gerry February 28, 2010
Breakfast Cookies With Bacon