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These are a great "on the run" breakfast. Take out of the freezer in the am and by the time I'm at work they are thawed and ready for the microwave. Being diabetic these have been a life-saver on hectic mornings!

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kjane June 24, 2002

I have made this recipe about 6-7 times now, probably should review it. Takes about an hour start to finish to make anywhere from 12-16 burritos, depending on how big my tortillas are. My husband loves these for breakfast, has them almost every day for breakfast. Have made this exact recipe with 2-3 x the salsa, allowing the moisture to cook out before rolling, and also a veggie chorizo, potato and salsa version. Love it, only problem is now hubby expectes them for breakfast each am, I can never stop making them!

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GIBride01 November 06, 2010

i made these tonight and everybody inhaled it. love how versatile it is. i only used 7 eggs and 1 pound of sausage and found that was perfect for 6 people.

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LuvMyBabies June 07, 2010

I made these using the base ingredients plus hash browns, green pepper, canned chilies, minced garlic and green onion. When the bulk sausage was cooked I put it on paper towel to get some of the grease off and then cooked the green pepper, onion, garlic and chilies to soften them all up. I had three pans I dished from; hash browns, veggies and egg/sausage. They made 24 perfectly. My picky hubby ate three burritos before they even got into the freezer, he loves them! I plan on making a bunch of batches so my family can eat healthy while I'm going to school FT. Thanks for a great recipe!!

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Sand_Dollar May 31, 2010

I just made this recipe for breakfast this morning. I halfed all the basic ingredients and added 1/2c. onions & bell peppers. Everyone loved it. It is definitely going into our breakfast rotation. I was able to make 13 burritos by using 1/4 cup of filling in each small (6 inch) tortilla.

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Beth Gordon February 15, 2010

I made a very large batch and used 36 eggs and 2 lbs sausage. This was plenty of sausage, and we love sausage. I used Ortega taco size flour tortillas. These were the perfect size. I wrapped the burritos in plastic wrap and immediately put into bags and froze. This worked great. To reheat, I microwave them for 1 minute with the plastic wrap loosely lying on top. Then I remove the plastic wrap and heat 45 more seconds.

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CindyMarie January 27, 2009

A great recipe to make ahead to ensure that you'll have something for a weekday breakfast. I cut the recipe in half and it made 11 four-inch burritos. You may want to salt the eggs after they have cooked. Thanks for the recipe.

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Marie Nixon November 08, 2003

This recipe is sooo versatile, I make them differently every time and they're always great, You can buy a bag of chopped and frozen onion/pepper medley super cheap at grocery store that goes well, sometimes I put the left overs from chicken fajita night in it, sometimes bacon, left over veggies like spinach, hashbrowns, to me, this is the breakfast version of my great grannies 'pot pie' which always included any left overs lol! I use about 1 egg per burrito sometimes less according to the volume of other ingredients. If you put a couple in fridge before going to bed it makes it much easier to reheat in microwave and heats more evenly than from frozen. Making so many takes a while, at minimum an hour but if you consider the collective time you save its worth it. My bf and I eat these all the time, they're so good and easy even for lunch or dinner if we're being lazy :)

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Kristara September 23, 2013

This recipe is awesome and so easily customized with great results! We don't eat pork so I just took some ground turkey and made taco meat. I then made some hash browns, set them aside, stir fried some mushrooms and green peppers, set them aside, made the scrambled eggs--then I mixed in the peppers and mushrooms in with the eggs. In the end our burritos had eggs with green peppers and mushrooms, some hash browns, a little taco meat and Colby Jack cheese! Thanks Tish for the great recipe!

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Maeraj May 22, 2012

Easy to freeze and heat up in the mornings for a breakfast on the run. I throw in a large bag of Walmart brand frozen shredded potatoes (cooked) and use spicy bulk sausage. Family asks for them every week! I make it all in one skillet, after cooking the potatoes I transfer them to a bowl then fry the sausage with the onion and garlic, when it's almost done, I throw in the eggs, jalapenos, banana peppers, salt and pepper and fry them up until done. I take off the heat, trow in potatoes, cheese and salsa, stir and let cool before I wrap. Easy and tasty. Thx for the recipe!

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janet coleman November 13, 2011
Breakfast Burritos (Once a Month Cooking)