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Dh is a college student (and I am a teacher), so we have to leave pretty early in the mornings. He loves the bagel sandwiches at McDonalds, so I thought I would make him a batch of these. He asked for me to make them on bigger bagels though. They were easy to put together (only thing I did was to cook the eggs alone in a cupcake pan, and then cut the eggs in half to put on the bagel so there was egg on the whole thing.) Dh says that he likes them, but only if I heat them in the microwave, and then crisp them in the oven. Yes, picky I know. He does really like them, he is just strange about texture, and says just microwaving makes the sandwich soggy. Sorry for the two page review :) and thanks so much for sharing!

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Loves2Teach September 09, 2006

Just made these this evening and they looked so good I had to eat one! I used mini raisin bagels as that's all they had. I did the method cooking eggs in muffin ton and that was lovely as well, will definitely make again!

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Born2cook September 15, 2013

Wow . So easy and convenient having these little gems in the freezer for those rushed mornings. I found a microwave egg poacher in the cheapie store for $1 , works great as I can do 2 eggs at a time and they are the perfect size. Baked all the bacon (bought on sale ) in the oven. I omitted the butter , used low fat cheese slices and multigrain muffins (also bought on sale ). These were a big hit at my house and I will keep a stash of them in my freezer at all times from now on. I wrapped each muffin in paper towel, bagged them in a sandwich bag ( labeled), I found 6 fit nicely into a big ziploc bag which I labeled with the contents and microwave instructions. This makes sure they all stay neat and together in my freezer for easy accessibility and freezer stocktake. Thankyou so much for posting this idea .

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kyrandia April 14, 2012

Delicious! Made these with sharp cheddar, eggs baked in the oven and sliced into squares, mini bagels and bacon. I will never buy breakfast sandwiches again, knowing that I can make them better and cheaper at home! Thanks!!!!!!!

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Retro Kali July 08, 2011

Yum! I have an excess of fresh eggs (my mom has hens) so this is a great way to use up a bunch of eggs really quickly! I have a 6 oz. ramekin that fits my english muffins perfectly. I don't bother toasting or buttering the english muffin, and I add a heaping tablespoon of pre-cooked (left over!) breakfast sausage to the egg before I cook it, and sliced cheese instead of shredded. These are so good, and so much cheaper and faster than the fast food ones I had been thinking about getting (but lets face it, I have no time to stop most mornings what with 2 kids and all). While I'm not usually a fan of microwaving eggs (my DH does it for egg sandwiches), they really work in this recipe! Thanks for posting Pamela! My growling stomach thanks you!! :-)

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Mommy2two April 28, 2011

I made this fresh for breakfast as I am not a big fan of reheated bacon and thoroughly enjoyed. I cooked my bacon in the oven and the egg in the frypan and used a slice of vintage cheese and served it on a toasted wholemeal English muffin and enjoyed a delicious breakfast. Thank you *Pamela* for the recipe and LifeIsGood for the recommendation, made for I Recommend.

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I'mPat April 25, 2011

I made these on whole wheat english muffins with a slice of turkey bacon and a slice of cheddar.

They are really excellent, but I would not recommend using the muffin pan. I used a nonstick muffin pan and sprayed it besides and while the eggs came out easily, the muffin pan was extremely messy and it probably took me about 45 mins to clean it!

A little I wonder if it might be okay with a silicone muffin pan but I might be too scared to try it! I definitely want to make them again though, they are wonderful.

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crowland March 27, 2011

My family loves these & very easy! I cut 12 eng muffins put a dab of butter on each half & toast them in my toaster oven. I use 12 egg whites but only 6 yolks. add a dab of water, pepper & 1 cup cheddar cheese. Divide it evenly in the sprayed w/pam muffin tin, add a pinch or 2 of bacon crumble to each & bake about 13 min @ 400. I make each sandwich and wrap each in a papertowel, we do like them after frozen. 35 seconds on each side & good to go. These cost me less than 50 cents each to make and it takes me about an hour to do a batch of 24. Most of that time is cuz I can only toast 6 halves at a time :)

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sowy1 January 12, 2011

I love this idea. It's perfect for storing in my son's apartment freezer - so he can pull a few out for a quick breakfast. Next time I'll try it using english muffins instead of the bagels - just for variety. My son did say that sometimes the bagel gets a bit soggy after microwaving - that is the only reason I'm not rating this 5 stars. Thanks for the great idea!

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LifeIsGood October 27, 2010

I also used this recipe with English muffins, couldnt find mini bagels. The muffins worked well. I cooked the eggs in the muffin pans but I didn't really like them cooked this way, I may have overcooked them slightly. My mother liked them and took them to work for breakfast, but I prefer them made fresh without mixing the eggs. Good idea though for a quick breakfast, and if you can get the eggs right I'm sure they would be great!

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micro_ang October 14, 2010
Breakfast Bagel Sandwiches (Oamc)